Geek Girls Rule! #623 – Bragging on my Boy and Promoting Him

So, the Geek Husband What Rules published one of his games over on  Rock ‘n’ Roll Confidential.

So, yes, disclaimers, I’m married to this guy, so I’m biased.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Confidential is essentially VH-1 Behind the Music the role-playing game.

A bunch of people, and we have had some really big games, get together and create an artist, and they each take on the roles of the artist’s entourage.  The GM/Host of the game then enacts the main artist in response to the situations that the entourage sets up, and the majority of the game is told in flashbacks.

Be aware that sometimes the group will decide the artist is a “group,” such as a boy band.  You may want to nip that in the bud, or you will find yourself enacting all the roles of a boy band.

The game is designed to look like a ‘zine.  ‘Zine culture was a pretty big component of a lot of the underground music scenes, since mainstream coverage was near impossible to come by.

It’s available in pdf from for $10.

We’ve been playing this for years, before he finally wrote it all down and made the ‘zine.

Honestly, I have had a ton of fun playing this game over the years.  We’ve done an experimental nu-wave artist called Lanai who was a combination of Nina Hagen and Klaus Nomi.  We have created metal bands, boy bands, solo folk artists.

The core spirit of this game is that you go into it with an Improv theater sort of stance:  You don’t say no, but you can say, “Yes, but…” or “Yes, and…”

In one of the very first games of Rock ‘n’ Roll Confidential ever played, right off the bat, our friend Chris said, about the star, “And none of us knew that this was the last time we would see him alive.”  So, there you go, eulogizing a dead rock star.

The GHWR has done a small run of physical copies, but they are all gone.  He may do another run in the future if there are requests.

I am so proud of him for finally setting this game down to publish it!  It’s a lot of fun, and super easy to pick up.

So there you go, my incredibly biased review and promotion.

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