Geek Girls Rule! #621 – Procrastination

So, I have spent the entire day attempting to write this post, and getting blocked.  To the point where what you get is my ode to procrastination.

I have frequently told people that my house was never so clean as during finals week when I was in college.  “What? Yes, I have like five papers and three exams, but how can I POSSIBLY focus on schoolwork when my kitchen floor is a disaster?”

I’m really not exaggerating.  Seriously, one finals week, I scrubbed all the tile floors and shampooed all the carpets, on top of cleaning the oven and de-frosting the freezer.

I had a friend who didn’t go to college with me who would come over and laugh at my spotless house and say, “Oh, must be finals week.”

Today, I got up at 8am, with the express purpose of writing this week’s posts and moving on with my life.

It is now 6pm, and in the intervening hours I have:
1. Stripped the bed and changed the sheets
2. Taken all the vases down to the basement
3. Scrubbed the bathroom sink
4. Sex toy maintenance (washing/recharging)
5. Re-arranged my nightstand
6. Re-arranged my headboard
7. Framed a David Bowie Aladdin Sane poster
8. Rehung comic art, because one in the series was too far over.
9. Rehung that piece again because now it was too close
10. Moved an oil painting from one wall to another
11. Re-adjusted the oil painting up a foot
12. Re-arranged the art work on the knick-knack shelves
13. Staged artwork for the next frame shop run
14. Watered my plants
15. Re-arranged some furniture
16. De-cluttered and re-arranged the art on the mantel
17. “Wrapped” a present for my sister
18. Hung the aforementioned David Bowie poster
19. Contemplated taking a chair to Goodwill.
20. Photographed the saucers from my teacup collection that I need replacement cups for
21. Ordered a hair color application brush
22. Played about a million rounds of Best Fiends and did some Garden maintenance in Merge Dragons
23. Checked the Red Wings’ Standings in the NHL, they are not having a good year.
24. Edited some fiction

So, I actually procrastinated by doing something else I had been procrastinating on, as well.

I’m pretty sure that is peak procrastination.

So, yeah, I will re-iterate that my house is never so organized or clean as it is when I have something I should be doing that I am stuck on, or that I don’t want to do.

In this case I was stuck.

Part of the problem was my migraine shot was due Thursday.

I did it Wednesday because I could not handle the migraines in the lead up, and the injector failed.  But I didn’t realize it entirely. So I had more migraines, and got the replacement injector Saturday and did the shot, then went to help the Martian rent a van so we could pick up the giant print he got framed, and my Bowie poster.

Guys, I will post a picture of the Martian’s. print when we get it hung.  It looks amazing.

Then we had lunch, took naps, and hit two holiday parties.

So, I’m tired, but not migraine-ing anymore.  And I spent most of today unable to string two words together, but frantically DOING ALL THE THINGS so I didn’t just stare at my laptop blankly for about four hours.

And as a result of all the migraines, I have not really consumed any new media this week, because screens have been no good.

Now two things that came from this little medication fiasco:

1. I am NOT ready to try to wean off the meds.  I know that now.
2. Also, I now know what a misfiring injector pen sounds like and can hopefully address these things sooner.

So, yeah, that’s what I’ve got.

What is your favorite (or “favorite”) means of procrastination? Do you suddenly have to shop? Clean? Re-organize your media?

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