Geek Girls Rule! #618 – Why Seeing Women-Made and Focused Movies Matter

Apart from Rom-coms.  I can’t even with the majority of rom-coms.

Or, more to the point, I will see more rom-coms when they quit making giant, glaring examples of toxic dating/relationship culture.

See, the studio machine for the most part, Disney at least appears to have pulled their heads out of their asses, do this thing, where they make a movie directed, produced, written by a woman/women and/or focused on a female-led property, and they don’t support it.  They don’t give it the advertising blitz they give movies focusing on or made by dudes.  They don’t do the pre-arranged screenings, they don’t distribute it as widely.

And then they point at the movie they didn’t support, and yell, “SEE! No one went! No one likes these films!”

Let’s compare and contrast with this Charlie’s Angels film and the last one.

See the previous films in the Charlie’s Angels film, you could not get away from the advertising.  People living under rocks and on the moon knew when a new Charlie’s Angels film was coming.

This time, I didn’t know that the movie was out until it came across my google feed, when a site I do not care for and keep trying to kick out of my feed, panned it.  And then Bitch magazine did a review of it, saying how much fun it was, and that it wasn’t gross with sexism.  I watched the trailer, and then immediately told the housemates we had to go see it.

I make a point to try to go see every female led film I can to support it.  In recent years that had dwindled thanks to the migraines.  But no more!  Now I can start going to movies again!

At least Disney has realized the vocal minority are just that, a minority.  I mean, they owe much of their current success to the Princesses franchise. They’ve continued to make and promote films like Captain Marvel, the last several Star Wars films including Rogue One.  And in spite of the He-Male Woman Haters’ Club whingeing on at length about how these movies are terrible, they have, in fact, followed the money, and kept making them.

I’m grateful for that.

And I really hope that Sony pulls their heads out and realizes that women-led properties are doing really well, when given the same chances to succeed that the male-led properties have gotten.

So, yeah, don’t let Hollywood bury the women-led, women-made films like this.

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