Geek Girls Rule! #600 – Fweeeeeee!!

That’s a party horn.

Anyway, 600 posts, not counting random updates, announcements, and Mickey Counts Down videos.

That is a lot of words, you guys.


And I probably need to revamp award tiers, because when I started this I really did not have any idea what the fuck I was doing.  So if there is anything that you would like to see, let me know.  Anything you would like to receive, let me know.  Anything you want me to do… apart from the history videos, which I’m trying to sort out what I will do those on and how.  Should they be a tier of their own?

But mostly I want to say thank you to everyone who reads this, especially those who have pledged to the Patreon and donated otherwise as well.  I don’t know that I would keep doing this wit out your support and input.

I appreciate the hell out of you all.

So, yeah, this is mostly a post about how awesome all my followers are.

Soon, expect Reviews of Tony Robinson’s Gods and Monsters, Season 2 of Disenchanted (I really didn’t want to like this show, but I do), Season 2 of Big Mouth and a bunch of other stuff. You know, now that I can watch TV again without migraines.  Also looking forward to making it through an entire MCU movie without agonizing pain or throwing up afterward.

So, yeah, 600 posts.  Wow.  Thank you all again.  So much!!!!!

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