Geek Girls Rule! #599 – UNTITLED GOOSE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG! YOU GUYS!!!!!! IT’S OUT!!!!!!!


I just lost more than an hour on it.  The Martian got it for the Switch, and played for several hours while cackling.

Today he made me a profile in the game.

Oh my gods, it is so addicting you guys!!!!!

I’m generally a fairly empathetic person.  Like the Mickey Mouse game we had for the Sega, I used to cringe when I let Mickey fall to his death.  But there is something super satisfying about getting the gardener to hit his thumb with a hammer.

Also, running around flapping your wings and honking just because is far more cathartic than you might guess.

The Geek Husband What Rules just had to listen to me cackle as I made a small child buy his own toy back.

The controls on the Switch are a little tricky, because I am not that coordinated, but it is so much fun.

Seriously, A+, definitely buying this for the PC so I can hopefully be better at it.  I’ve been waiting for this game for two years!!!!!!!!!

I’m still trying to figure out how to get the gardener to put his sun hat on though.  It’s a little vexing. The Martian said something about getting the crate or the cooler to fall at an angle to get get to it, but I have had no luck with that or with stacking fertilizer bags.

I don’t know why it is so satisfying to terrorize people while being a goose.

It just is.  So, yes.

Buy the game and lose hours of your life cackling like a fiend.

If you were expecting trenchant commentary on how this game is symbolic of the futility of life… NAH.  It’s just a lot of fun to be an asshole goose.

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