Geek Girls Rule! #592 – Fat Fan Action Network Success

OK, I am not, in fact, claiming that I changed their mind, but I did write in complaining about their lack of plus sizes.  When we moved in with the Martian, he started giving me his MeUndies patterns that he didn’t like. I like wearing jockey boxers around the house and as pjs.  And they are super comfy.  So I went to the website to see what they had for women’s styles.

Well, they had plus size men’s underwear, but only went up to a not very XL in women’s. So I emailed asking what their deal was.  They assured me they were working on women’s plus sizes, but I was dubious.

But I checked the other day and lo and behold, women’s plus sizes up to a 4X.

So, I signed up.  I like getting under-swears in the mail as much as the next girl.  I ordered the “adventurous” colorway, which is prints, in a thong according to my waist size, like they suggest, and um, I’m gonna recommend at least a size smaller for anyone.  Maybe two.  Seriously, I could probably fit another, slightly smaller, person in there with me.

Which is a nice change from brands who claim a size 16 is a 4X.

The material is really stretchy, and soft.  Just like the boxers.

I may have to re-order this first pair in my correct size, because they are patterned with espresso cups.  It’s like they knew I would pop in this month.

September is dinosaurs.

It’s like someone went, “You know, there’s a bunch of nerds who remembers Underoos, who would love the shit out of comfy nerd patterned underwear.”

My Wonder Woman Underoos are some of my fondest memories of childhood.  I wore them until they were shreds, and the Boob Fairy showed up, so the undershirt part didn’t fit over my chest anymore.  Which was third grade in my case.

So, I’m definitely going to try the next size down, and possibly the bralettes.

Thumbs up to for inclusive sizing!!!!!

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