Geek Girls Rule! #567 – Comicsgate: Gamergate’s even Less Attractive Cousin

(I really need to be better about cross-posting these so I’m not just spamming you all every three weeks.)

Seriously, guys?


Ok, so there are a bunch of sad, whiny dudes who are angry that comics are not solely about their boner-feels anymore.

That’s it.

That is their whole motivation.

They couldn’t even summon up a “rejected, heartbroken man done wrong by dyed-haired tramp”* to rally behind.  Just a bunch of grown ass men who are angry that there exist comics wherein all female characters, but especially 13-16 year old child characters, are no longer drawn explicitly for them to masturbate to.

Yeah, it somehow sounds even worse when you say it out loud like that, doesn’t it?

Their hobbies seem to be doxxing female cosplayers, and lying about them while reporting them to twitter for answering their abuse with profanity.

Oh, and boosting the sales of comics by buying them to video themselves ripping them up or blowing their nose on them for having female characters they don’t want to bone, POC, or queer characters.

A. Twitter: BE BETTER.
B. I see ANY “both sides-ism” here, and you are DEAD TO ME.

For those of you who don’t know, “Both Sides-isms” are things like Nazis saying all POC and Jewish people need to die, and decent people telling them to fuck off and quit being racists, and the “moderate” people clutching their pearls and claiming they can’t even tell the two apart anymore.

That is some straight up bullshit.

Anyway, I could try to dissect Comicsgate’s arguments, but I already did that.  It’s all about boner-feels, when it gets down to it.  Oh, it does come with a side order of racism and fascist ideology (cough, Mark Millar, cough Nick Spencer, cough).

But yeah, the main motivation seems to be the boner-feels of dudes who don’t understand that they are the reason they can’t get laid.  It isn’t that women are shallow whores.  It’s that they are odious beings who need SO MUCH THERAPY.

So. Much. Therapy.

Anyway, I’m not going to dignify these clownshoes with any more words.

I need a drink.

Maybe a binge watch of more Beast Legends.

Maybe I’ll tweet my Captain America is bisexual and has a boyfriend fic at them.

Excuse me, I have been informed it also involves a bunch of dudes whose sexist, racist and other -ist laden comics  could not get published or got them fired.

Seriously… Ugh.

*No, I do not think Zoe Quinn is a tramp.  I do think her ex is sad, as in pathetic.  But yeah…  sigh.

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