Geek Girls Rule! #550 – Again with a Terrible Dude, and My Petty Annoyance #453487534687

Ok, I don’t feel like explaining at length why the guy who wrote the BoundingIntoComics article about what Fonda Lee said is a shithead.  Go read his article, you can google it, I’m not linking that asshole.  Then go read Jim Hines’s takedown of it.

Short version, she said about Barnes & Noble that part of the problem of exposure of marginalized SF/F writers is that stores like B&N have 4-6 shelves of Tolkein and Jordan, but might only have one book by Jemisin, or Ahmed, or any other female and/or POC authors.  Shitlord referenced above calls this her “decrying” that B&N stocks Tolkein and Jordan at all.

The dude even quotes her, where she does not decry anything.  And then proceeds to “Well, actually…” all over the page.  UGH.

Go google what she said, and if you can find a feedback link for BoundingIntoComics, let me know.  Because this is not their first misogynist bullshit article and my patience with their bullshit grows thin.

Ms. Lee’s twitter (@FondaJLee), and Mr. Hine’s blog.  I am not wasting anymore time on this asshole.

Ok, on to my petty annoyance.

Here’s the thing folks.  Who the fuck goes to a Superhero movie and is upset that it’s a Superhero movie?

This is a complaint I’ve heard from several non-nerds.  “Ugh, my friends raved about Captain Marvel but it was just a Superhero movie.”

Ok, first.  I get it, you aren’t into Superhero movies.  Go you for being vastly more mature and well-adjusted than I am.

Second, Captain Movie in NO WAY HIDES THAT IT IS A SUPERHERO MOVIE!!!!  She wears a costume in every fucking poster!

Third, this is not just a Superhero movie.  This is a Superhero movie that features a female hero who is not Wonder Woman.*  She is not filmed like cheesecake.  She isn’t exposing massive amounts of leg and cleavage, she isn’t wearing noticeable make up. She isn’t a love interest.  THERE IS NO ROMANCE ANGLE AT ALL.

Also, I have teeny bone to pick with people who think all Superhero movies are just “cop” movies. But I think that’s another rant for another time.

Seriously, though.  If you don’t like Superhero movies, no matter how much I may rave about them, don’t go.  Because no matter how fucking great a Superhero movie it is, you aren’t going to like it because it’s a Superhero movie and you don’t like those.  That’s why, no matter how much other people may gush about romcoms, I am not going.  Because I don’t l like romcoms, and no matter how good it is, I am going to be bored.

So, let’s make an agreement, you and me.  I won’t make you go see Avengers: End Game, if you won’t make me ever go see anything involving weddings, or switching houses for vacations, or bumping into someone in a subway/coffee shop/record store, meeting your hot new boss, or someone in a coma.

*I adored the new Wonder Woman movie, but let’s face it’s still pretty fucking male-gaze-y and had a romance.  Granted it was nice to see a dude fridged for a change.

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