Geek Girls Rule! #548 – Guns & Glamour


So, this is a day late because Tuesday night I ran a demo of Guns & Glamour, the PBTA hack I’ve been working on forever, for @ActualPlay on their twitch stream.

I had never done that before.

I mean, I’ve run and played games online before, over Skype or Google Hangouts.  But doing it out where anyone could watch was a little weird, but honestly, no weirder than running games at conventions, which I do all the time.

I think they recorded it so I’ll post a link when I get one.

So, yeah, you’ve heard me talk about this game before.  Guns & Glamour, it’s several years after a rebellion in the Summerlands failed, and the leader of the rebels led his forces in a retreat through the Veil and into our world in 1922  As the latest in the string of refugee populations in the US they find themselves working with organized crime. You get to play those fae characters, or the humans who interact with them.

The main book is set in Chicago during Prohibition.

I’ve been working on it for a long time, and am going to Kickstart the damn thing.  I am, or something. I think I need to tweak the mechanics again, ,or maybe someone needs to smack me and get me to quit messing with it.

It was a little weird running for only 3 people.  I typically run for anywhere from 6 to 16.  Ok, 6-10 usually, the Goblin-Pixie Gang War was an exception I do not think I’ll be doing again.  Trying to make sure everyone had screen time, especially with some of the big personalities that gravitate to my games, can be challenging.  And 8 players is about my comfort zone.  It’s enough that I can GM by tossing out plot grenades and letting them squabble amongst themselves.  Although, honestly with the Goblin-Pixie Gang War, they started before I got there.

I’ve really enjoyed working on it.  And as I’ve said before, the main reasons I want to Kickstart it are that I want to be the boss of the art, and to hire an actual game editor.

If this is the only game I ever write, I want it to be the best game I can make it.

Sandy Jacobs-Tolle has already done some art for the game.  And I’m still pondering what stretch goals would look like, and pledge levels.

So, yeah, there’s a teaser for it.  And I’ll keep you posted.

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