Geek Girls Rule! #547 – Update on the Heist Tights

Heist tights.  The one year mark.

Ok, so I picked up a pair of their heaviest dernier tights this winter, and they were not as good.  Honestly, they may be expanding a little too fast, because the last pair of the 50s that I bought were not as good as the initial pairs.

I’ve seen this happen before.  Some place fills a need, and then they explode and try to run before they can walk.  The original two pairs are still holding up pretty well.  The third pair I bought also holding up pretty well.  The 80 dernier tights I picked up are not as elastic.  They give me elephant ankles.  For those of you who do not wear tights, this means they bag around my ankles a bit and leave wrinkles. The 50s are still great, the 80s, while they are thicker, fit bigger bodies more comfortably, do not hold their elasticity as well.

And still, after a year, no thigh rub with them.

So, yes, I am willing to pick up some more of the 50s.  I really wish they’d expand their nudes line into the plus sizes, but the last several times I checked they still hadn’t.  The 50s still have a tendency to pop stitches at the seams to the waist, but it doesn’t cause runs, and they still fit smooth, so I’m not bothered, as I am at the outside edges of their size range.

So yes, 50s, A+ for wear, for look, for fit.  80s, B- for fit, A- for look, but A++ for wear.

I really wish they would do nudes in plus sizes.  It’s more than a little vexing that they don’t.  And while their shapewear looks interesting and comfy, I just cannot blow $140 for a body suit that may not even come in my size.

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