Geek Girls Rule! #545 – Review: Captain Marvel

YEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  LOVED IT!

I am likely to head into spoiler territory in the parts of this review after the cut.

And, oh, what was that? It’s already grossed more than $160 million in the US alone on it’s opening weekend?

Do you hear that?  That would be the sound of Comicsgate’s tears of infinite sadness.  I bet they’re delicious.

Quick announcement: I’ll be giving away a GGR bead bracelet in the near future.

Also, anyone who would like to complain about Captain Marvel being over-powered first needs to throw away all of their Superman memorabilia, you giant fucking hypocrites.

I almost feel like I should stop the review here to avoid spoilers, because I want to gush about this movie like a big gushy thing.

One review I read said that they felt that you needed a broader knowledge of Marvel for this movie.  When I think what they meant was, you need to have seen at least a few of the other Marvel movies in order to get some of the jokes.  You definitely don’t need to have broad based comics canon knowledge to follow the plot.

I was pretty excited about this movie for several reasons.

1. Princess Sparklefists herself
2. While disappointed that the cat in the promos is NOT Chewie, still, cat.
3. Hearing the name Rambeau attached to the project.

Ok, so first, the new Marvel intro animation featuring Stan Lee made me tear up. So, thanks for that, Marvel.

The film is beautiful.

And the deviations from canon only improve the character in my opinion.

SPOILERS GALORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now is where we maybe get into spoiler territory.

In comics canon, Carol gets her powers when the original Mar Vell, a male Kree scientist who she is in a relationship with, not knowing he’s an alien, tries to shield her from an explosion, and their blood mixes.

In the movie, Carol works with Mar Vell, played beautifully by Annette Benning, and gets her powers through a heroic act that is almost certain to kill her after Mar Vell is killed.

I like that a lot more.

They also flip the Kree/Skrull narrative on its head.  And I mean, granted, in the comics the Kree don’t look great, but here they are definitely the villains.

I fucking love the scene where she realizes that the Kree have limited her powers, and breaks loose.  The destruction of the Kree warship is fucking brilliant.

Her friendship with Maria Rambeau, Monica’s mother, is amazing and incredible.  And the way the two actresses relate to one another in character is beautiful.

Goose the cat is a god damned treasure, I’ll leave that a secret.

Young Coulson and Young Fury are a thing of beauty.

Overall I enjoyed the hell out of this movie, on par with Wonder Woman.  I’ve heard complaints that Brie Larson was stiff, but I really only saw that in the parts where she’s still amnesiac.  As her memories come back she gets more expressive.  And even when she’s amnesiac, the wise-cracking and sarcasm come through.  I highly recommend this movie, and also recommend dragging your friends along to it if at all possible.

I may have squealed out loud when I saw Kelly Sue’s name in the credits.

And the two Easter egg scenes in/after the credits are great.

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