Geek Girls Rule #514 – Update on the Heist Tights

Ok, so I bought these last February or March. I wear them weekly. Still no thigh rub, even walking a mile or more when it was hot out. I’ve only put one run in them, and that was totally my fault. After hitting the end of it with some nail polish, it totally stopped and even though I know it’s there it is hard for me to find it again.

Downsides: they have developed some holes along the seam where the “waistband” attaches to the legs. But again, no runs of note. They do start to lose a little elasticity after awhile, so you get a few ankle wrinkles, nothing major though.

A few negatives of the brand in general. They only go up to size 22, and not in every style. They do not carry the Nudes in 22, nor do the carry the low-rise waistbands in the bigger sizes.

I think the tights themselves are worth it, I just wish they carried them in a wider array of sizes in all styles and thicknesses. Fat girls do, in fact, wear sandals and peeptoe shoes.

Sorry this is a short update. Today was a little frantic. Had to take the Geek Husband What Rules in for an emergency tooth extraction. Two days before Thanksgiving, no less.

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