Geek Girls Rule! #495 – Kickstarters and Filthy Consumerism!

Yeah, I may have a Kickstarter Habit.  The ones I’ve backed recently include the following:

80 Goetia Coins.  Coins with all 72 of the demonic sigils from the Ars Goetia.  Because I am a big enough dork to desperately want to own a bunch of coins that have demonic sigils on them.  These are being used as a prop in an RPG some day.

Q Workshop Dice.  This one is still going.  And I may be bumping up my pledge.  The Halloween dice and the Bloodsucker dice are great! A second color of the Bloodsucker set has been unlocked and voted on. A second color of the Halloween dice is the next stretch goal. The Arcade dice would be cooler if they were black and neon green.

The Check Please Season 3 Kickstarter! Eeeeeee!  I backed the second one at the pdf level.  This time I could afford to spring for more stuff.  Super excited about this. I adore this webcomic. So excited I could back this.

I think I’ve talked about the other Kickstarters I’ve been backing elsewhere.  I got my Pride Sword enamel pin, the Bisexuality Claymore.  I got my X-Cuties enamel pins (X-23 and Nightcrawler).  I finally got my copy of the Scandinavia vs the World card game.  Have not had a chance to play it yet.

Next week I will be camping outside of cell phone and internet service.  While I will not be able to post, I will be writing reviews of graphic novels and hopefully the Scandinavia vs the World card game, so hopefully you’ll be getting four posts the week after.  Maybe I’ll be able to get Monday’s post done tonight or tomorrow.

Friday I will be drugged out of my mind because I am getting an MRI and I hate those.  I will also be attempting to to get all my jewelry back in, while drugged to my eyeballs.

New job is pretty awesome so far.

If you like what you read here, or want to fund my Kickstarter habit, please consider donating using the link at the top right of the page:  Keep Us Geeking, or checking out my Patreon.  Thank you!

Also, if you’d like to see what sort of fiction I write when left to my own devices, please feel free to check out my fiction Patreon, Nothing Nice Comes Out of My Head.


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