Geek Girls Rule! #494 – When it Rains it Pours…

Happy People from Labor Unions got the shit kicked out of them or killed so you could have a 40 hour workweek and an extra day off Day!

Sorry to be a bummer, history major.  Can’t help it.

Yeah, so this Friday I took the Geek Husband What Rules to get his bottom wisdom teeth out.  He’s been drugged since then.

Saturday one of the roomies had to go to the ER.

In spite of all of this, I did manage to do a fair amount of de-stressing preparatory to the new job on Tuesday.  I have written a shit load of fic. I have worked out.  I have harassed, I mean, played with cats.  I have limited screen time pretty strictly, and gone on a news diet.

I have not set up my new gaming desktop yet.  I need to go dig through the bin of power cords and find the right one.  Hopefully I will be able to enjoy online gaming without dying from lag every fifteen minutes.

I did get the Alice in Wonderland Moleskine journal I ordered.  The only story that ranks higher in my personal arcana of children’s literature is the Wizard of Oz.

My current science project is slowly adding new genetic material to the tank of guppies we’ve had forever that have pretty much bred back to their wild state.  Every few weeks we pick up a few fancy guppies of indeterminate color and add them to the mix.  We also got a new algae eater since Syd died a while ago.

My new wishlist for fish is to get a 60/65 gallon tank and get a Black Ghost Knifefish.  Oh my gods, you guys!!!!!  They are so neat!

Look at that face!!!!!

Sadly they will also eat anything smaller than their heads, so that means they are pretty much a one fish per tank fish, unless you can get some very chill bigger fish.  Also, and I did not know this until I was talking to the salesgirl at the fish store, they emit a weak electrical charge.  It’s too weak to worry people, in fact we can’t feel it.  But they can feel the fields from other Knifefish, and so you either have to have one, or many so that they can’t decide who to attack.

Yeah, not sure when I’ll be trying this.  I also want to try a clay substrate and some more natural vegetation.

Also, the Martian and I picked up two more dragon lights so we can hopefully replace the current sconces on either side of the fireplace with them.

Yes, we are decorating our house in swords and dragons.

I know, it looks like particularly nerdy 13 year olds decorated our house.

Don’t even care.  The best part of being a grown up is being able to make these choices.

So, yeah, that’s been the last week or so: last day of old job, dragons, wisdom teeth, housemate in ER, new job starts tomorrow, and so much fic.

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