Geek Girls Rule! #489 – Get Your Shit Together, Nerds

*Sorry I didn’t get this up over here last week.  Migraines suck.*

Last week-ish was GenCon.I have never been.  Given the stories I’ve heard come out of it, coupled with the fact that it’s huge, I likely never will.  But seriously, Nerds.

Chris Spivey the author and designer of Harlem Unbound a supplement for Call of Cthulhu, won an Indie Groundbreaker Award, and later won three Ennies, for Harlem Unbound, and not two hours later, had someone question his right to be at the table for gaming/game design.

Seriously, assholes?

The guy just found out his book is being taught in a college course, is an award-winning game designer, and you assholes don’t think he belongs at a gaming table/the gaming industry because he’s black?

Why are we still terrible like this?

Seriously, Nerds, it’s 2018. Fuck flying cars, I just want us to get our shit together and quit being awful to people who look different from us.

Not so long ago, New Agenda Publishing sent out a call for writers that explicitly stated that they were looking for members of underrepresented groups “in TTRPGs (Person of Color, Woman, Non-binary, Trans, Queer).”  They had to include a disclaimer that cis het white male gamer nerds, who constantly chant, “If you don’t like it, make it yourself,” at POC, women and everyone else, could feel free to apply, too.

Fucking seriously?

“If you don’t like it make your own!”

So they do and you whine.

A black game designer wins multiple awards for a supplement that fills in all the history most Lovecraft nerds ignore because it makes them uncomfortable, does a good enough job it’s being used as a text in a college course, and you question whether or not he’s actually a gamer?  What the ever loving hell, Nerds?

Be better.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go put my Winter Soldier-esque air mask on so I can breathe.  Stupid wild fires.

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