Geek Girls Rule! #488 – Mickey -vs- Nature

Nature 2
Mickey 0

Sorry about missing the second post last week.  My work situation has become untenable, and as a result, the Migraine Fairy is spending a lot of time at my house.  Whee.  I will try to get you guys some extra content this week, maybe an extra video when I’m not high as fuck on Benadryl.

Ok, not high exactly, just kind of dopey.

I know I’ve talked about exercise here before, and the fact that I am a Kettlebell convert.  I love it, and FINALLY in one of the exercise magazines I read, because I do that, someone else admitted that they love it because it fools them into aerobic exercise.

“Nope, no aerobic activity going on here, just picking up heavy shit and putting it down, just like you like…”

If I’m going somewhere, walking or biking, then fine.  But if it’s on a treadmill or stationary bike, I get super bored.  There are two ways to short circuit that:

1. Read politics and political discourse, especially now, getting angry.
2. Read super scary horror.  I highly recommend James A. Moore.

Anyway, because I like doing kettlebell, and am kind of clumsy, I’m relegated to working out outside.  Which is not normally a problem, unless the other half of the state is on fire and the air quality sucks, it is a million degrees (Seattle equivalent = 90), or super cold, which is not always a deterrent. I did spend a fair amount of time working out outside when it was below freezing these past two winters, because, well, you’re working out and generating heat.

But why the “Mickey -vs- Nature” title?

It’s not the wildfires or the weather.

It’s the fucking stinging insects.

Twice now I have been stung IN THE NECK by stinging things.

Guys, that really hurts.

The first time was, I think last November. Yes, November.  We had an unseasonably warm stretch of 50+ degree days, which woke up the beehive living in the foundation of the house.  But since 50 is not really super warm for bees, one of them went looking for a heat source, and I lifted my arm to do a military press, squishing said bee against my neck.


Today, I have no idea what got me. I was actually done, and inside when I turned my head and STING.  IN THE EXACT SAME PLACE.


Anyway, I’m a little loopy on Benadryl.  Babies aren’t the only ones giving Benadryl to put them to sleep works on.  I am going to be so hungover from it in the morning.  I promise, I’ll be angry about something later this week.  Right now, too worn out from work bullshit and too “on Benadryl” to pull that off.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel for work bullshit, but it’s going to take a little more time.  And considering I asked my direct boss to remove some of my duties or fire me last Thursday…  Yeah.  I’ll probably be turning in my resignation sooner rather than later.  I just would rather have a done deal to go to before I do that.

Adulting sucks.

PS. Turned in resignation yesterday.

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