Geek Girls Rule! #453 – Ugh, Stupid Rumors

Ok, so one of the stupid rumors cycling around the MCU is that they could have Captain Marvel take on the mantle of Captain America.

Which is stupid.

Captain Marvel is her own thing.

In the MCU you also have two characters who have both, canonically, taken on the mantle of Captain America:  Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes.

Now, it sounds like Marvel have other ideas for Bucky, which, ok.  I know the MCU is not a slave to canon, something I’m often thankful for. But you also have Sam right fucking there.  And I think having a black Captain America in the MCU when Steve decides to pass on the mantle, or dies, both have happened in the comics, is brilliant.

Hell, make Natasha Captain America, but I’m still more rooting for Sam.

Besides, Cap’s an Army guy.  Carol Danvers is already a Lt. Col in the Air Force.

I’ve ranted about the fact that Captain America is not a reflection of America, but an exemplar of what America should strive to be.  And I think having Sam Wilson be Captain America is a logical next step in the evolution of what America should strive to be.

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