Geek Girls Rule #452 – Review: Tinseltown #1

I always get a little anxious when comics companies send me comics to review.  I worry about whether I’ll like it, and how honest I should be.  I usually err on the side of honest.

In this case, I needn’t have worried.  Tinseltown #1 was a joy to read and review.  The foreword by the writer, David Lucarelli, went a long way toward easing my mind.  In the foreword he talks about his mother being a police officer in the 1980s and it went a long way toward making me feel better about the comic.  I have also previously read and reviewed his comic The Children’s Vampire Hunting Brigade.

See, because I have boobs, I get a lot of requests to review things that feature “Strong Female Protagonists.”  That’s in scare quotes because, well, if you’e ever read Kate Beaton’s strips about Strong Female Protagonists, you get the idea.  I don’t review a fair number of what’s sent to me, because I won’t promote it even with a bad review.

This comic is not that^^^.

The story is great, and respectful.  The lead character, Abigail Moore, comes across as a person first and foremost.  She isn’t overly sexualized, she’s determined and frustrated by her place in society.  She wants to be a cop like her Dad, who was killed on the job, but her gender works against her in the early 20th century.  She winds up signing on with a (fictional) studio modeled after Universal, and resents the hell out of the fact that she’s mostly window-dressing.

The art is lovely, the language is period appropriate and the dialogue is believable.  I was really pleasantly surprised by this comic, and I think you will be too.  With the sheer amount of crap I get, it was wonderful to read this book.

So, yeah I highly encourage you to pick up Tinseltown #1 and I’m really looking forward to the next installments!!!!

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