Geek Girls Rule! #447 – Emerald City Comic Con Part II – More photos

My brain is mush, after migraines, and then being out late to see Hamilton last night.  So I’ll give you a few more photos and some highlights of ECCC.

So, let’s start with some great Cosplay.

These Daddy/Daughter Rocketeer costumes are EPIC!!!

Miss America Chavez!!!  The only one I saw all weekend.

Leia on Hoth.

A couple of Rebel Pilots.

Pam from Archer, the bare knuckles fighting episode.

And Pam’s tattoos on her back.

Stickers by Feminist Killjoy Catie Donnelly.

And bonus, Hamilton picture. Me and the Best Girlfriend in the World.

So, Yeah, I’m in a pretty damn good mood right now.  I’m gonna go do some comics reading, and try to keep this glow going.

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