Geek Girls Rule! #442 – Review: Black Panther


I have to admit, I pretty much think this is the best Marvel movie so far.  The writing, the casting, the art direction, the costumes… everything.

It ran with the basic plot of Don McGregor’s run of Black Panther in the 1970s, and it updates beautifully.  The entire cast were incredible.  The cinematography… several scenes were just so beautiful that they brought tears to my eyes. The action scenes were gorgeously choreographed.  Martin Freeman’s American accent is adorable.

And the women in the movie they got to do things, and be awesome and amazing.

Also war rhinoceroses.


I think the decision to have both a white and a black villain was genius. I like the origin story for Erik Killmonger.  And I enjoyed the arc it pushes T’challa along. Okoye is amazing, and incredible.  Just, ahhhhhhhh!  so good!

Go see it.  It really is incredible.  I don’t want to go into too much here, because I won’t stop.  But Shuri is great.  So great.

And yes, if you think it’s racist because there’s only two named white characters, I am judging the shit right out of you.  Sooo much judging.

It’s an amazing movie.

I had kind of lived in fear that they’d fuck it up.  Then they announced Ryan Coogler as the Director, and my hopes rose significantly. When word of the cast came out, they rose further.

It’s really fucking good and you should see it.

And the Easter egg at the very end of the credits.  EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!


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