Happy Nerd-entines!!!!!

You get a short post today, not because I actually celebrate this holiday.  But because no one in geek-dom has said anything egregious in the past few days, and I’ve spent an awful lot of time with the rant button stuck down.

But for all of my geeks out there, what I really want you to do this Valentine’s Day is love yourself.  Do something nice for yourself.  Candy, comics, action figures, a long bath, a quiet night in with Netflix, whatever makes you happy, if you can, do it.

My Nerd-entine’s present to myself was getting a piece of fan art I really love matted so I can frame it and hang it on my wall.  I think the Geek Husband What Rules bought himself some character spaces in Marvel Puzzle Quest.

The reason we don’t really do Valentine’s, apart from our tradition of me buying him the tackiest, ugliest Valentine’s boxers I can find (nothing will ever beat Scooby Doo dressed a Cupid, saying “I Ruv You!” preferably on sale the day after) is that you shouldn’t need a commercially sanctioned holiday to tell your significant other that they mean a lot to you.

Also, fuck diamonds.*

Seriously, though.  If you have someone, spouse, partner, friend, family member, who means the world to you, you should just tell them, every day.  Even if you do that by calling them Buttface** as you make them their favorite supper on a bad day.

*Diamond commercials make the Geek Husband What Rules break out in angry ranting.  It’s hilarious.  “Nothing says, ‘I banged my 21 year old secretary, please don’t take my house!’ like a diamond tennis bracelet.”

**Yes, in our house “buttface” is a term of endearment.  As is “Assbutt,” and “Your face!”

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