Geek Girls Rule! #440 – The Two Movies I’m Most Excited About

As if anyone needs me to elaborate, but Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War.

Black Panther sounds fantastic! The previews have all been amazing.  The cast is incredible, and so many POC and WOC.  SO MANY!!!!! I have not seen this much excitement for a film since they leaked John Boyega’s character in The Force Awakens.  And honestly, the excitement over this film is so much… more.  More excited, more hopeful, just more.  I can’t wait to see this film.

The costumes look incredible, the art direction and design are amazing.  It’s really, really gratifying to see that they’ve managed to blend the Kirby-esque and actual African* art and architecture into creating the sets.

And newsflash, guys, if you feel have to “coordinate attacks” on a film’s Rotten Tomatoes score because you think people are too excited about it, you really do look like a bunch of pathetic white supremacists who need to sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up.

I also think releasing the film during Black History Month is a brilliant move on Marvel’s part.

On to Infinity War.  I am also very excited for this film.  Not the least of which because Marvel always seems to drop Avengers/Captain America films on/near my birthday.  So, instant birthday present: Take The Geek Girl What Rules to see the new Avengers/Cap.  Sometimes multiple times.

Anyway, a preview of the Captain America Infinity War action figure has been leaked or released and folks are wondering if the shield that comes with it is actually representative of his new shield.


However, I do have to take umbrage with one thing the Mary Sue said in their article:

While we’ve talked about Steve having a Nomad-esque costume before, this is the first time we’ve glimpsed what could be the new look and shape of his shield.

The thing I have a problem with is the description of his new costume as “Nomad-esque.”

Have ya’ll ever seen Cap’s Nomad costume?

Trust me, no one wants that.  No one.  As entertaining as it might be to see Chris Evans in something with that neckline, just no.  I do not even know where to start on how this costume is awful.

(Yes, I know there are multiple Nomad costumes.  This is just the one that leaps to mind whenever it gets mentioned.)

Anyway, that’s about it.  I am super psyched for this film.  I’m hoping they give up on the Steve/Sharon romance.  The actors have little to no romantic chemistry, and I’ve gone into why the whole storyline, while canon, is kind of icky, in the past.

*Yes, I know. there is no such thing as “African” anything. It is more appropriately named by the country and/or culture it comes from, but given that Wakanda is fictional, and takes its inspiration from many African cultures, I’m just gonna go with it.  (For example both Moroccan and Ethiopian food are “African,” but they are very, very different cuisines.)

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