Geek Girls Rule! #439 – This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things Part the Next: Legacy Books

Ok, these absolute cinnamon buns came to my attention via a Tumblr post screen-capping their interactions with people in the comments to an article about them, written by one of them, as a publisher of Fantasy books featuring women and queer people of all flavors.  The article was called The Fantasy Genre Hates Women, and can be found on their FB page.  (Originally on Medium)

Of course, in the comments to this article, which explains who they are, what they do (write and publish books), and why they do it (because they are making their own change), are many comments of the “Well, then, why don’t you get off your ass and do it yourself!” variety.  Also several “What about Game of Thrones?” which they discuss in the article.  And several, “Yeah, the image has a sexy girl, but there’s three sexy guys?”

Whoever is manning their social media, I want to give them a giant high five, a bouquet of flowers and some chocolate, because they nailed most of the responses.  On the 1 sexy girl -v- 3 sexy guys, they would have done well to mention the difference between hyper-sexuality and power fantasies, but honestly they nailed the other responses so hard, I don’t really mind. It’s just a personal hobbyhorse of mine.

They have also talked about JK Rowling erasing Dumbledore’s sexuality from the new movie, which got them a bunch of people who don’t understand that criticizing an author’s actions is NOT the same thing as slamming a series of books.  Nor is it the same thing as “slamming” an author. And honestly, there’s a lot to criticize in the way JK Rowling has handled the ENTIRE Dumbledore sexuality thing, as well as her continued endorsement of Johnny Depp.  A Lot.

First, yeah, it’s great she mentions that Dumbledore’s gay, after the fact.  It is very true that having gay characters DOES NOT MEAN GAY SEX IN A BOOK.  But she also doesn’t ever utilize any of the potential points that having a successful gay character in a book series could have brought to bear.  Because contrary to popular (and incorrect) belief, children don’t bumble through life with no attractions until puberty hits.  My first crushes, and being crushed on in return, were in kindergarten.  Five year olds know that they like boys or girls.  They really fucking do.  And there are TONS of things to do with that, that do not actually involve any fucking.

I will tell you straight up, I think her reveal of Dumbledore’s sexuality was a knee-jerk response to being called out for lack of representation.  And I think removing it from the movie/allowing it to be removed from the upcoming movie is a money-grab, straight up.

Sorry, I kind of tangent.

Anyway, due to seeing the epic snark of Legacy Books’ Social Media person, I have followed them on FB and taken advantage of their offer of the first book in one of their series for free.  I cannot wait to read it.  I understand gay people are EVERYWHERE!!!!

I will report back after reading.

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