Geek Girls Rule! #383 – Did you guys know there are Nerdy 5Ks?

That’s my shirt.  

My sister is really into 5Ks right now.  She walks a lot, and I mean a lot, every day and one of her co-workers said, “You know, if you walked 5Ks, not only would you be getting exercise, but they give. you bling.”

So my sister has done a whole lot of these including a Color Run (where they pelt you with powdered pigment), several of the Disney Virtual 5Ks, and the one she asked me to do with her yesterday.

Now, I’m going to focus on the virtual 5Ks.  Basically, you sign up and register online, and you can run/walk your 5K where ever you want.  You report in, and they send you the bling.  It’s on the honor system.  You could game it if you really wanted to, but why?  I mean, pretty most of us need whatever exercise we can get.  A lot of nerd hobbies are pretty fucking sedentary.  Plus how many of us work at desk jobs?

Yeah, I thought so.

I find that that I am more likely to follow through on something, with or without external oversight, if I pay money for it.  It’s a perverse side effect of capitalism, I know.  But it works on me.  Your mileage may vary.

So here is a list of 5Ks with nerd or nerd-adjacent themes:

Goonies – Never Say Die! 5k.  This is a virtual race that is ostensibly for the month of June, but this site tends to let people do races until they run out of the medals.

Shark Tooth Virtual Run.  This benefits WildAid, with a shark themed medal.

The Totally 80s Virtual 5k/10k.  Ok, I admit it.  I posted this one just for the medal.  I am totally doing this one.

Superhero 5k and Kids Fun Run.  This is an IRL organized run in California.  There are a lot of superhero themed runs and they mostly benefit children’s charities.

Superhero 5K and Family Fun Day.  This one is both virtual and in a physical location.  I’m finding a lot of IRL runs have a virtual component as well.

Comic Con Run has several fandom themed virtual runs.  Including Hobbit, Dr. Who and Sherlock themed events.

Journey to Jupiter Virtual Run Events hosts Moon Joggers, which began as an attempt to get enough people to complete enough virtual runs to cover a trip to the moon and back.  This year they are doing the sun.  Next year it’s Jupiter.

So, yeah, it is possible to get your geek on while exercising out in the world.  Load some filk or podcasts onto your phone or MP3 player, maybe that audiobook you’ve been meaning to listen to, put in your earbuds and you’re on your way.

Caveat:  I know that physical exercise is not a thing everyone can do.  I’m still mostly mobile. (The knees have good days and bad days. I fucked them up by running, in part, ages ago.) But if you are looking for a way to motivate yourself to do something either outside or on a treadmill, these might help.

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