Geek Girls Rule! #319 – Did those words really leave your mouth?

Ironically enough, this was the image I used on the original post.  

Well, fingers, but seriously…

So on Geek Girls Rule #216 about Kickstarter banning a card game focused on rape, I just recently got this comment from someone calling himself Sensei (could you be more pathetic?):

Okay then next we ban everything that someone else cant stomach. If you have been raped, well shit im sorry, but why do others have to suffer? Some people have kinks. Raped people or people who find this offensive should just avoid this.. No one is shoving it down their throats and telling them to buy it. Next mby lets ban Rock music or super realistic tv shows or anime or games, because fuck, it it offends people who have loved ones who died. This is madness, people who support this support censorship.

Now, a less generous individual might take that second sentence, If you have been raped, well shit im sorry, but why do others have to suffer?” and suggest that Mr. Sensei seems to think that not being able to play a card game about rape equates to the same amount of suffering as being raped.  I am not quite that un-generous.  However, I am going to point out the screaming amount of entitlement inherent in that sentence.  The idea that being denied a card game equals suffering.

Son, if that is your idea of suffering I want your charmed life.  Because hell…  Most mere mortals go through lives where that is barely a footnote in the every day pain they probably experience, from dental pain to stubbing their toe.

Next, I’d like to point out that neither I, nor Kickstarter, are the US government.  Kickstarter is a private entity with the right to deny people their services if they feel that doing so will be detrimental to their business and/or ethical standards.  The individuals behind that game were more than free to fundraise for it on their own site.  Ergo, what happened is an exercise of the free market, and not censorship.

Now, nowhere did I say ban the game.  I did say that if you want to explore what it’s like to be a rapist, I don’t want to hang out with you.  Also, this was not some deep exploration of the human condition, but rather a game where rape was the “cute” hook.  Look, just go read the original article.  Why do these guys always have shit reading comprehension?

And this stellar individual, Chidis:

I have one advice to you. If you are offended by these kind of games, remember that:
1)all of them have quit button
2) You dont have to buy, play, or search these games
3)I dont go raping ppl in real life, but i not going to feel guilty about enjoing raping 2D girls

Chidis is not going to feel guilty about “enjoing raping 2D girls.”

Ok, let me tell you something.  People I want to hang out with don’t “enjoing raping” anyone, imaginarily or otherwise.  I will refer your even worse reading comprehension skills back up to my response to the oh so ironically named “Sensei” for further explanation.

Not to mention, this post is almost four years old.  FOUR YEARS OLD!  And your knickers are still in a wad over this?

Anyway, this is just a sample of the sort of tripe that finds its way into my inbox.

Hey, at least they didn’t try to explain the First Amendment (incorrectly) to me. Points for that.

Ugh, I need a drink.



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