Geek Girls Rule! #318 – Team Cap All the Way

Civil War

Ok, so Captain America: Civil War is due to come out around my birthday.  I will undoubtedly go see it, probably opening weekend.  But I don’t entirely know how I feel about it.

See, I hate the Civil War storyline.  Hate it.

Look, Mark Millar, I get it.  When you wrote Wanted, it was all dark and “edgy.”

I’m tired of dark and edgy, and my comics telling me that I’m stupid for liking what I like about comics.  I like Captain America (when he’s written right) unironically.  I want my fiction to tell me that things are going to be all right, and someone cares.  If I want a dystopia I’ll turn on the fucking news.  I also, coincidentally, hate how Millar writes Cap.  Just in case you’re wondering.

Now, people keep reassuring me that because Marvel Studios doesn’t currently hold the rights to mutants, that they can’t do exactly the same Civil War storyline, and that this one revolves around Bucky and did he/didn’t he blow some shit up post-escaping Hydra.  Which, is all well and good, BUT there is something in the trailer about the Sokovian Accords, and since Bucky wasn’t a part of that…

And, ok, this needs its own rant page, but here you go:  Tony Stark is a reactionary hypocrite and needs to pull his head out.  Tony’s line in the trailer when he says something about needing to accept limitations on power or you’re no better than the bad guys.

I just stared, blinking, at the screen.

Tony “I built Ultron because I know better than anyone how to protect the world” Stark, those words came out of your mouth.

And I realize that not thinking things through is Tony’s main flaw and downfall.  I get it.  But has the man never cracked a history book?

Plus, the government is still recovering from having been controlled by HYDRA!  Fucking HYDRA, guys!  I can see no way that giving a government that until very recently was controlled by Nazis who thought Hitler wasn’t going to take that Final Solution thing FAR ENOUGH, and of whom there are probably still vestiges present in the current government, can possibly go wrong.

Smell the sarcasm.

Not to mention, every time you start registering people for who they are, Camps are the next step.  Often, death camps.

So, yes, I hate the Civil War storyline a lot.  I don’t know how they can change it to something I don’t hate.  But I will go see it for Steve and Bucky.  Also, the scene where they’re fighting Tony in the Iron Man armor?  The only thing I could think of watching that was, “Drift compatible.”

So, yeah, I am a little trepidatious about this Captain America film.

I was going off about this to a friend outside a punk show a couple weeks ago, and when I said I was definitely Team Cap, he laughed and pointed to my Winter Soldier hoodie, and said, “Gee, I never would have guessed.”  Then we got to talking about Tony Stark, and we’d kind of like Tony to actually grow as a character, instead of growing during the arc of a movie, then reverting to himself at the start of the next.

Also, Tony saying something about being Cap’s friend?  Yes, they’ve had moments at the end of each Avengers film, but at the beginning of the next, they’re right back where we started the initial Avengers film.   I think that’s what irritates me most.  You get this lovely character development in one film, and it gets wiped away with the next, to rebuild the same fucking arc.

But, yeah, I’ll go see it in the hopes that my suspicions are not confirmed.


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