Geek Girls Rule! #210 – Seattle Needs a Better Superhero

So, many of us in Seattle were cooled out beyond cooled out when we found out we had our own superhero.

Until now…

I so wanted to be happy about this.

Phoenix Jones has been aiding citizens in distress in our fair city since last winter.  And many of us of the nerdly persuasion cheered him on.  Until May 2nd.  Well, May 1st really.  So, on May 1st we had a fairly large Occupy Wall Street march, as well as a smaller march in favor of Immigration Reform.  Now, several protestors accused Jones of pepper-spraying them.  Jones has responded that he didn’t pepper spray anyone, but was pepper-sprayed by the Black Bloc “anarchists” (about 15-20 dudes) who were responsible for some property damage during the otherwise incredibly peaceful protests.  So, I don’t know what happened there, but until and unless formal charges are filed, I’m willing to give Jones the benefit of the doubt.  I mean, when you have a lot of people milling around, it’s easy to get confused as to who is pepper-spraying whom.

HOWEVER, after hearing from a close friend that they had been in a local comic shop when Jones regaled eager listeners with his tales of May Day derring-do, which included talking about pepper-spraying people, and heard Jones say that he punched some “faggot” in the face, I am not so inclined to continue my benefit of the doubt.

Does Seattle, a remarkably diverse city with a very tolerant culture and a vibrant LGBTQI community really need a superhero who calls people “faggots?”  I put it to you that we do not.  I will not out the comic store for this, but if required to give verifying details, I can and will.

Seattle does not need a homophobic would-be fascist patrolling our streets.

Now, he could apologize and promise to mend his ways.  But this sort of behavior is not acceptable in anyone professing to be a superhero.

And yes, I have seen the Rex Velvet video.  No, I am not endorsing the super villain.  I’m just disgusted by Jones’s behavior.

And just a reminder, I will be enforcing the draconian comment moderation policy.

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6 thoughts on “Geek Girls Rule! #210 – Seattle Needs a Better Superhero

  1. Agreed. If you want to be the city’s hero, you have to be the hero for all citizens.

    And I understand why you do, but I find it frustrating that you have to offer a disclaimer that criticizing the “good guy” is not endorsement of the “bad guy.” “The other guy is worse” is way too common a defense of indefensible behavior.

  2. Superheroes are entertaining in comics and in films. In real life, people who call themselves “superheroes” are just ridiculous. I think this particular “superhero” needs to be exposed as the tool he is, and his homophobia is entirely unacceptable.

  3. I heard about Pheoneix Jones and thought that it was cool, that superheroes like him and others would help out but not neccessarily fight crime, but that comment of his is way out of line.

    Not. Cool.

    Anonymous called him out. And the person with disabilities they mentioned? He’s a PRE-TEEN CHILD with downs syndrome Phoenix Jones and his buddies told the police was an anarchist. And have the news/
    FBI searching for. He’s not even 13 and they decided it was appropriate to spray him with military grade pepper spray (this isn’t the stuff you keep on a key chain, this is serious shit) and tell the world he is a terrorist and anarchist. He’s a kid, someone who got swept up in something inappropriate. He needs a stern talking to and a positive influence on his life not the federal government coming after him like he’s a criminal and egotistical so-called do gooders pepper spraying (re: injuring) him. The video is right, that is NOT what real heroes do. That’s what attention seeking assholes who don’t want to accept they did wrong do.

  5. And while I’m at it, the de-escalation training they’re asking for is CRUCIAL. This is NOT the first time he’s been in trouble for jumping into the middle of things and creating a bigger issue than way there in the first place. He has even been arrested for it. He has, on numerous occasions, had altercations with law enforcement for making matters worse and has even been arrested for it. Yes, he has excuses. Yes, he feels he’s right. Yes it’s not just him. But knowing martial arts is NOT enough. If he and his cronies want to be out on the streets and getting into the middle of escalation they need to know how to do more than bust heads open and spray heavy duty pepper spray on people indiscriminately. They want to do good in this city? They need to know how to talk people down. They need to know how break up a fight without violence. I can GUARANTEE YOU, if they had used de-escalation tactics rather than their brand of “look at us! We’re in the spot light again!” we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

    So fine. You support what they’re doing? Encourage them to some formal training in dealing with these sorts of situations. ALL of them.

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