Geek Girls Rule! #209 – Review: Cards Against Humanity

The best game in the world for horrible, terrible, no good people.

Oh. My. Gods.  Cards Against Humanity is BRILLIANT! Seriously, go buy this game! It’s essentially the horrible person’s Apples to Apples.

Ok, with some caveats:  If you are the kind of person who finds dead baby jokes offensive, then do not get this game.  If anyone asks you to play this game, slap them and run away screaming, because they obviously don’t know  you.  However, if you are the kind of person who when you play the black card that says, “_____________ is my Anti-Drug,” and someone gives you “Kids with ass cancer,” you laugh until you can’t breathe, tears run down your face and you’re terrified you’re going to wet your pants but you can’t quit laughing, then this is the game for YOU!*

We played this yesterday, and laughed until we hurt.  Much as with Apples to Apples, someone reads a black card, and everyone gives them white cards that they feel are the most horribly suitable response.  See the above paragraph.  Some of the cards will direct you to give more cards in order to fill in two or more blanks.  But I think our hands down favorite was the haiku card, which instructs  you to give the reader three cards in the order you want them read to make the most fucked up haiku you can.  It didn’t hurt that The Geek Husband What Rules looked up a track of Japanese flute music to read them to.  The Winner:

“A clandestine butt scratch
A fart when a little bit comes out
Sarah Palin.”

And because we’re so classy, I later went to the bathroom and when I got out, the GHWR said, “What took so long?”  I responded, “Well, I didn’t want to laugh so hard I Sarah Palin-ed, so I had to poop.”  Which resulted in more hilarity, and an urge to introduce that to the common vernacular.  So there you go.  Be careful of diarrhea so you don’t Sarah Palin yourself.

Ok, but back to the game.  Looking on Amazon, I see that they have an EXPANSION!!!!  I think I just nerdgasmed.  The First Expansion is available on Amazon!!!!  Go get it!  Now!  Seriously, if dead baby and Michael Jackson pedophile jokes make  you laugh, you will love this game.  We played it to the bitter end last night.

I won.

And just a reminder, if you like the blog or the podcast, or if you would like to subsidize a copy of Cards Against Humanity for NerdHaven, please, please, please donate to keep us going.  Donations go to pay for the podcast hosting and website domain, primarily.

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*I can neither confirm nor deny rumors that I was the person who nearly peed.  Nor can I confirm or deny that the second runner-up card was Incest.

2 thoughts on “Geek Girls Rule! #209 – Review: Cards Against Humanity

  1. So…….

    I went to the link to look at the expansion.

    And Amazon gave me a helpful ad.

    For “habitat for humanity.”

    I’m visiting saleshumans in not-my-home-office so I’m not allowed to laugh uproariously lest I frighten them.

  2. We played it a month ago. Our winning haiku was:

    An M Night Shyamalan plot
    A sad hand job
    Exactly what you’d expect

    Our favorite joke of the night though was:

    When being overrun by flightless water fowl our only recourse is to cop a feel

    Awesome game.

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