Geek Girls Rule! #205 – Weapon Masters

Love this show!!!!

Ok, so there is one problem with not having cable and watching all your television on Netflix, and that’s that you spend a lot of time being woefully behind the times.  But, I’m enthusiastic enough about this show that I really don’t care.

Weapon Masters is hosted by Chad (an engineer/mad scientist) and Mike who is a historian/weapons master who has an amazing store of knowledge about loads of weapons.  I have described this show as what would happen if the Geek Husband What Rules and several of our friends had a budget.  This show is two dudes, one who loves historical weapons with all his heart and soul, and one who loves to build wacky shit with all his heart and soul.

Now the first couple of shows, Chad annoyed the crap out of me.  But I have to admit that when he meets the master craftsmen who create these weapons in the traditional means, especially the katana master and the guy who builds dueling pistols, he actually chills the hell out, and as the series goes on he quits trying quite so hard to be “wacky.”  Mike though, I have the biggest crush on his brain.  The man knows his weaponry, and just… wow.

So far we’ve watched the Dueling Pistol show, the Atlatl show, the Katana show (which OMG! made me want a katana soooo bad!), the Greek Fire show, and the Roman Scorpion.  The history is sound, the explanation of how these weapons were used is accurate.  Not once have I growled, thrown something at the TV, or shouted profanity at this show.

This is quite the accomplishment.  The History Channel makes me (history major) do all three of those things on a regular basis.  Ooooo, their shows on Russian History make my teeth itch.

So, yeah, if you are at all into weapons or military history, I highly recommend this show.  Netflix has at least the first season, it’s airing on the Military Channel.

And just a note, most of my reviews here are positive because life is too short to read, play, watch or consume things that suck.  If someone sends me something I’ll be honest, but if I’m spending money on it, then I’m buying stuff I like.

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Thank you all for reading!  If you’re in the Seattle area stop by Norwescon this weekend in Sea Tac.  I’ll be reprising the Victorian Sex panel, The Geek Husband What Rules and I will be on three of the Putting the R in RPGs panels.  I’m also doing a panel on Feminism in Fandom, Health At Every Size, How to Get Laid at a Con, Goth Fashion on a Budget, and Alt Scene Etiquette.  I think that’s it.  There might be one more.  Maybe I’ll see you there!

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