Drive By Posting!!!!

I knitted that sweater!!!!

So I’ll be at Norwescon this weekend, so if you’re going to be there, swing by one or more of my panels and say hi!!  I’m the grouchy, fat redhead in glasses and a lot of black (I realize this may not narrow things down much).

Friday 4 pm Cascade 2
Goth on a Budget
It’s not just corsets, hair dye, and Nice Boots ™, but also finding a style that’s truly your own. How not to break the bank to look great; and why gothic style is about much, much more than just black clothes and pale foundation.
Bryan Lovely (M), Morgue Anne, Mickey Schulz

Friday 7 pm Cascade 2
Victorian Sex
Love the subtle bondage and discipline a corset implies? Does a hint of ankle or a flash of stocking come across as shocking? Want to incorporate the Victorian sensibilities of steampunk into your “bedsport”? Come learn about the not-so-straightlaced Victorians and what was really going on underneath all that clothing. 18+  WITH ID
Mickey Schulz (M), Victoria Shaffer

Friday 8 pm Cascade 3&4
How To Get Laid At A Con
How to hook up and be safe, tips on enhancing your communication skills, safer sex advice, grooming tips, and etiquette recommendations of things to NEVER EVER do or say to keep you from being that creep others avoid. And who knows — today’s hook-up might be tomorrow’s happily-ever-after. Funny stories and serious advice.  18+ WITH ID
Mickey Schulz (M), Burton Gamble, Loree Parker

Friday 10 pm Cascade 3&4
Putting the “R” in RPG I: Boundaries
First of a three-part panel series discussing how to successfully incorporate the “R-rated” elements of sex and/or violence into your game or campaign. This first panel discusses defining and setting the boundaries of what’s OK and what is definitely NOT OK to members of your gaming group when introducing mature topics to the gaming table.
Ogre Whiteside (M), Loree Parker, Mickey Schulz, Satyros Phil Brucato

Saturday 7 pm Cascade 8
Alternative Scene Etiquette
The etiquette for alternative culture events has become much more important in recent years.  As the goth, con and kink scenes seem to simultaneously blend and diverge, so can the rules that apply to appropriate social behaviors.  Come learn from the experiences of those who’ve been there on how not to be a tourist.
Mickey Schulz (M), Lilith von Fraumench, Silver

Saturday 9 pm Cascade 5
Putting the “R” in RPG II: Horror
Second of a three-part panel series discussing how to successfully incorporate the “R-rated” elements of sex and/or violence into your game or campaign. This second panel focuses on how to bring all that bloody, gory, unspeakable mind-numbing horror to your game, but in such a way that EVERYONE enjoys it.
Ogre Whiteside (M), Robert J. Schwalb, Dustin J Gross, Mickey Schulz

Saturday 10 pm Cascade 11
Putting the “R” in RPG III: Sex
Third of a three-part panel series discussing how to successfully incorporate the “R-rated” elements of sex and/or violence into your game or campaign. This last panel in the series focuses on how to introduce sexual situations into your games in a way that is mature and comfortable for all your players.
Ogre Whiteside (M), Mickey Schulz, Eric Cagle

Sunday 11 am Cascade 2
Intro to Health At Every Size
HAES is not about diets or losing weight; it’s about exercising and eating well with the goal of health, not size. It’s about learning: how to work out without hurting yourself, what foods your body wants and needs to keep you going, how to avoid sacrificing your mental health for an arbitrary definition of fitness, and how to be comfortable in your skin instead of living by a number on a scale. Come share your stories and discover how this health movement is the opposite of giving up.
Mickey Schulz (M), Burton Gamble, Maida ‘Mac’ Cain, Sheye Anne Blaze

Sunday 2 pm Cascade 6
Feminism in Fandom
The face of feminism has changed over the decades. From the suffrage struggles of the first wave to the women’s liberation movement of the second wave evolving into the intersectionality of the third wave. Women are well-represented in local fandom; but a lot of fan media is still a boys’ club. And then there are the comic book heroines with their improbable poses and battle lingerie… What does all this say about the future of feminism? And how do we inspire the next generation of girls to love the same genres we do?
Mickey Schulz (M), Jenna M. Pitman, Katharine Bond


I’m really excited about the Feminism in Fandom panel!  It’s the first time we’ve done it!  Hope to see you there!

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3 thoughts on “Drive By Posting!!!!

  1. Nice job on the sweater! Wish we were closer for the panels. We’re meeting some people who’re doing PAX East tomorrow. (KCoxDC among others.)

  2. That’s a lovely sweater you got there, it looks great!

    And I wish I could attend.. but I’m over a thousand kilometers away. One of the downsides of being so far North… will you be taking pictures of the con?

  3. I don’t typically. I did get a picture of me and several of my oldest friends from the old party/gaming/sleep on the floors of hotel rooms every convention days.

    I’m hoping to be able to record the Feminism in Fandom panel for the podcast.

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