Happy New Year to ALL MY GEEKS!!!

Especially this schmuck.  Yup.  That would be a picture of the Geek Husband What Rules with a bottle rocket burn up the back of his head.  That guy in the bandana?  He would be the culprit.  Think once, think twice, think “Drunken bottle rocket fights are a bad idea.”

That black mark? Bottle Rocket-related injury.

It could be worse.  He could be our friend Rich, who I’m sure, when he sobers up, is going to wonder where the hell those second degree burns on his ass came from.

Yeah… another reason I’m glad we’re not having kids.  How do I tell them not to play with fire when I can’t get him to quit it.

Anyway, Happy New Years to all my geeky, nerdy, dorky sistren and brethren!  I hope 2011 is kind to you all!

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