Geek Girls Rule! #151 – What Am I Playing Now?

It’s the RUM post!

151…? anyone?  bueller?

I imagine my character looks something like this.

Anyway, what am I playing?  Well, right now I’m listening to my buddy Deke work up his character for a Noir-themed game which we’re using the old Marvel FASERIP system for.  So far all we’ve really done is get the core group together, except for a couple of players who missed the last session.  It’s set in a cyber-punky sort of 1920s, and we’re being sent to France to see what’s going on with this weird invitation we all received for an inheritance from a long lost “relative” involving a title.  Of course, most of us knew it was a bullshit ruse, as two of the members are Rom, and therefore know where they come from.  My character is a selkie who had just left herself her fortune so she could party as a young heiress in 1920s New York.  We have a daredevil and a magician.  This is shaping up to be fairly interesting.

And as I’ve said before, I am partial to the Marvel FASERIP system.  It really was ahead of its time.  If you see it in a used bin, I strongly recommend picking it up.  Or you can download it for free from here.  We just wrapped up a long arc run by Deke that began over a year and a half ago.

On Tuesdays I am part of a Lady Game (to designate it from the Girl Game which is still on hiatus until schedules settle down), that is theoretically going to be playing Joe McDaldno’s Perfect.  I say theoretically because the holidays and illness kind of screwed everything up.  I am looking forward to it when we finally all get together.

A really neat setting.

Every few Saturdays I’m playing a D&D 4th ed Dark Sun game.  It’s pretty fun.  More math than I enjoy, but that’s why I have an Alex to do my leveling for me.  There are some awesome god damn things that happen when I roll a natural 20, though.  I’ve been enjoying playing the meat shield, although it did take me a few sessions to get used to the idea of flinging myself into harm’s way because I have more hit points than God.  I usually play sneaky, stabby, knife ’em in the back spy type characters.

Oh, and the Thursday night Dresden Files game.  We’ve had a bit of a shake up in the line up because of work schedule changes and such.  And there’s been some skipped sessions because of the holidays, but we’re still going strong.  My anarchist, punk rock wizard has been made a warden and she does not like it.

Ok, that’s about it.  We just bought the Seaside and Prosperity expansions for Dominion, and are looking forward to playing the hell out of them.

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