Dinosaur Camp Funds Delivered!

Gave the Tiny Geek’s Mom the money for Dinosaur Camp today, just a few minutes ago as a matter of fact.  She says thank you, and she can’t believe a bunch of people who have never even met her or the Tiny Geek would pony up the money for him to go to Dinosaur Camp, but she’s grateful that you did. 

Thank you to Carl, Jeri, Gord, Tammy, Loree, Ray, Marty, Ben, Jamie, and anyone else I’m forgetting, or whose email I accidentally deleted in my glee.  You’ve made a Tiny Geek and the Tiny Geek’s Mom very, very happy. 

She promises that we will get a dinosaur picture that I can scan and post as a thank you note.  The Tiny Geek just cleaned out his desk at school, and according to Mom he brought home six of his dinosaur reference books, and one Star Wars book.  The dinosaur books all have sticky notes on tons of the pages with notes and observations written on them. 

Thank you all for being pure AWESOME!  This is what the internet is for, as far as I’m concerned.

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