On a more annoying note…

Screw Bill Willingham.  Apparently at a convention, he said, “I wanted to gun down those girls who kept asking about the memorial case.”

This is in reference to Project Girl Wonder, which is a fan request that Stephanie Brown, the one female Robin, get a memorial case in the Bat Cave, like all the male Robins have had, because that’s only fair, right?  However, apparently DC doesn’t think a female Robin deserves the same respect male Robins recieved.  Bill Willingham is the guy who killed Stephanie Brown off, in a fairly sexualized manner, so you know he’s a charmer to begin with. 

Girl-Wonder.org in general is a wonderful comics resource for female fans, and I can’t encourage you enough to go check it out.

6 thoughts on “On a more annoying note…

  1. I didn’t remember how Stephanie “died.” I have apparently suppressed memory of her rape, which Wikipedia has been so kind to explain to me. (Or, more likely, I missed the issue it happened. War Games marked the beginning of the end for me collecting Batman.)

    It was later revealed that Stephanie’s death had been faked, because her identity had been compromised. The in-story rationalization for the lack of memorial was that Batman knew she wasn’t really dead. Which sounds like utter crap and is perhaps even more offensive than just ignoring her.

    If memory serves, the only other Robin that received a memorial was Jason Todd, since he was the only other Robin who died. I may be wrong about that, but he’s the one they’ve always made a point of memorializing. Stephanie was my favorite Robin, so it’s a shame they gave her the shaft like this.

    Her run as the new Batgirl, with her own title, has been a pretty good read. The dynamic with Barbara Gordon has been really fun. I’m hoping they don’t kill it off like they did Birds of Prey several times.

  2. I’m not at all surprised. Willingham has condemned feminism, gay marriage, and liberalism in general. He’s also been quite nasty toward those who disagree with him.

  3. I’ve got two names for Willingham:

    Marc Lepine, of Montreal, and Scott Township of Pittsburg.

    Still wanna crack jokes about gunning down women who don’t agree with you, asshat?

  4. He’s written some of my favorite comics, too. Too bad he turned out to be such an asshat.

  5. Man, if I needed another reason to be pissed at the summary killing of Stephanie (one off my favorite Bativerse characters), I sure got it!

    I totally checked out of Batcomics just before the death, so I didn’t know about the resurrection and Batgirling. It would be nice if Bill was like, “trust me, this is going somewhere, faithful readers.” Maybe Bill doesn’t WANT fans? They are pesky, after all, having, like, opinions and feelings, and caring about characters. Fuck ’em!

    No wait, fuck Steph, and shoot them, apparantly.


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