Geek Girls Rule! #119.5 – Update on Packrattery

Well, the Husband What Rules has created a box of gaming books to get rid of, mostly first ed WOD and duplicates of GURPS 3rd ed, even if I can’t actually get him to haul them down to Gary’s.  He’s also created two boxes of CDs, and we’ve culled another four boxes of books. 

On the clothing front… I’m trying, I really am.  I just love my ratty grey v-necked sweater so much.  However, in light of getting some new yoga pants I have promised to get rid of some jammy pants. 

We have gone through some more boxes, several of which got water damaged when the garage at the old place flooded.  I have actually thrown out mildewed books, and may have to throw out my fencing gear bag.  THAT I’m going to try bleaching one more time, because bags big enough for fencing gear are freaking expensive.  I found my hockey jersey collection, all of which came clean with laundering.  The unabridged dictionary was thankfully on the top of a box and escaped unscathed. 

The exception to the throwing out of mildewed books are a couple of books for my graduate work, which took forever to track down and cost way too much to even think of tossing.  They’re drying out right now, and I’m open to any suggestions for killing the mildew. 

There will be at least one more clothing and book cull in the near future.

6 thoughts on “Geek Girls Rule! #119.5 – Update on Packrattery

  1. Purging is so hard! I’ve purged 2 times in the last year alone, and I purge every couple of years. Finally got rid of some things I’ve hauled around for 16 years or so that I never even look at.

    As far as the jammie pants…you are a stronger woman than I! Good show!

  2. This is the cheapest fencing bag I’ve been able to find. It’s not so bad, but it does have a weakness in the strap attachment. Of course, I was carrying three broadswords, a fencing helmet, and a jacket in it at the time, plus a couple of books in the pockets, so it is probably quite enough for a regular fencing kit.

  3. Is it big enough for 2 helmets. Because if we can, we prefer not to carry two separate bags. Although, really, we have two of everything else, why not bags?

  4. I’m pretty sure that it could carry two helmets, but it would probably be a tight fit. If it were me, I’d get two for two sets of equipment.

  5. Some suggestions for dealing with mold on books. Most of them are library-related, so may talk about tools you wouldn’t necessarily have in the home. Also, if you absolutely must save the books, you may want to call or email around to book-art groups and antiquarian booksellers, to refer you to private book repairers. In the meantime, keep the books in a low-humidity environment if you can

    Good luck!

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