Geek Girls Rule! #115 – What’s on a Geek’s MP3 player?

In lieu of any real postings, because nothing is pissing me off overly much except that my teenaged years were FAR too recent to be retro thank you very much, you get a post on my musical tastes, apart from Adam Ant.

Some of you may have noticed the inclusion of the NerdCore category on the right hand side of the page.  If you haven’t, go look, I’ll wait.

Yes, yes, I know Jonathan Coulton isn’t really NerdCore, but I don’t know where else to put him just yet, so you’ll just have to deal.  I am highly familiar with the work of all those fine gentlemen listed, however.  The three I am most familiar with are Bloodhag, MC Chris and MC Frontalot.  And any of the three might be found on my mp3 player at any given time.  The Geek Husband What Rules is a huge fan of those three, as well as Beefy and Dual Core.

Bloodhag are a local speedmetal group, who come out dressed like the scariest shop teachers ever in short sleeved white shirts, ties, black slacks and birth control glasses, sing songs about SF/F authors and throw paperback books and library card applications at the audience here in Seattle. 

MC Chris is more into the NerdCore/NerdHop genre, and is perhaps best known for “Fett’s Vette.”  I, however, am highly entertained by “White Kids Love Hip Hop.”  But since the only video I could find for “White Kids” kind of sucks, you get the “Fett’s Vette” video from Zack and Miri Make a Porno

MC Frontalot rocks the dorkness so hard.  I was torn between “Pitch Dark” and “Goth Girls,” but I think “Pitch Dark” showcases him better.  It is a bit long, though: 

  Also, he has all of his songs available for download on his site.

Dual Core don’t have any good videos on, however there is a video on their homepage.  We’re both big fans of their song “What Have We Done.”

The husband, also really digs on Beefy.  There are a couple of reasons for this.  1.  Beefy’s good.  2. He is also from the special flavor of hell that is Eastern Washington.  Game Store Girl: 

And of course, Optimus Rhyme

Perennial favorite, MC Hawking, because nerds are a bunch of sick freaks:  “All my Shootin’s be Drive-bys.”

Now, this isn’t all of what we listen to in the Geek Household What Rules.  We’re also big fans of Devo (big surprise), with our favorite song being their cover of Jimi Hendrix’s “Are you Experienced?”  However, we also listen to a lot of recent, non-geeky stuff as well, like the Blue Scholars, Spoon, Yeahsayer, and just about anything played in general rotation on KEXP.  We’re big Dancehall fans, love punk, hip hop, ska, oi, rockabilly, metal, new country, we listen to just about everything.   Just about.  There are limits.  The Dave Matthews Band and Hootie and Blowfish are two of those limits.  Avril Lavigne, Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus shall also never darken our CD/mp3 players.

Yeah, so we’re kind of elitists.

Oh yeah, if you want a way more comprehensive sampling of NerdCore and other Dork Music, then check out Radio Free Hipster.

5 thoughts on “Geek Girls Rule! #115 – What’s on a Geek’s MP3 player?

  1. The first time I saw BlöödHag was at (the sadly defunct) Uncle Rocky’s. There were about 8 of us in the crowd (and I think some of those were from the other bands playing that night). I got Frank Herbert’s Eye. I have no idea what happened to it, but I don’t have it any longer. This was before they had a drummer, so it must have been 1996 or ’97.

    Also, I just looked them up on the Wikipedia, and discovered the following: “BlöödHag was accredited by the King County Library System as fitting the criteria for a literacy program. BlöödHag has embarked on several tours of libraries in the Pacific Northwest, as well as playing in traditional music venues.BlöödHag has since toured libraries all around the country including: Chicago, Boston, Queens NYC, Athens, Austin, Oklahoma City, Las Vegas, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Oakland and New Orleans. The band played at the 2004 Nebula Awards in Seattle, Washington.” So, they continue to bring the full-on awesome.

  2. Nerdcore!!! Yeah, I’m a geek girl and a fan. I was also lucky enough to be around for the Dual Core videoshoot for Forever (that you linked). I’m the ‘lonely girl’ at the bridge at 2:13 🙂

  3. Great choices! Definitely second Dual Core as well! I would also suggest Beefy’s group The Grammar Club if you haven’t heard them, not to mention Beefy’s bandmate Shael Riley. All great choices though, I will have MC Hawking in my head the rest of the day.

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