Geek Girls Rule! #108 – We’re Moved!

Mostly.  There are still a few odds and ends in the old Geek Cave, but mostly we’re in, the new Roomie is in, all the furniture is in, the cats are in…  We’re living there.   Woo!

We are currently two blocks from our favorite Geek-themed coffee house, a game store, a bookstore, several awesome restaurants and bars, two grocery stores, and a drug store.  As well as a plethora of other awesome things.  We also live within two blocks of the folks who own The Dreaming and The Headmistress of Gothic Charm School.  We are so excited to live close enough to places we want to walk to, and can walk to, as well as being able to see people more often. 

However, we do not yet have the intrywebz set up, as a certain cable company screwed up and sent the guy to the wrong address.  Sigh.  It should be up today, and once that happens, more posting.  Also, the Husband What Rules got a copy of the new Warhammer FRPG for his birthday on Friday.  We’re planning on starting a campaign soon.  He’s been obsessively reading the rulebook and assures me that as a first level healer I will be able to do more than drop bandaids in the dirt and make my patients worse.  And also as a first level human fighter, I should be able to hold a sword without cutting off my own foot.  I look forward to this.

I look forward to being able to more “present” here in the near future.  Thank you all for being patient with intermittent writing and comment checking.  Also a special thank  you to Gaio  for pointing out the awesome Mr. Rabbit military bag in the comments on the last post.

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