Geek Girls Rule! #107 – Moving the Household What Rules

Ok, so I told you I’d be around a little more, perhaps writing a little more often.

I lied.

The Household What Rules is pulling up stakes and moving back into Seattle proper, where culture lives.  Also, where about 80% of our friends live so we can have lives again.  Also, we won’t be spending more than ten hours a week on our commute.

We’ll be living about three blocks from the Headmistress of Gothic Charm School, two blocks from the delightful folks who own the Dreaming and three blocks from the Wayward Coffee house.   I will live close enough to work that I can bike there, weather permitting.  The Husband What Rules’s commute will suck slightly more, but he says it’ll be worth it.  I’m holding him to that.

The cats, sensing something’s up, are less than pleased with us, with the exception of Jimmie who is leaping gaily into and out of boxes as fast as we can put them together.

With any luck we’ll have everything done and organized by Christmas.  So, expect a big drunken post sometime around then.

Thanks for your patience, guys.  And I promise, once the move’s done, more posting.  Promise.

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