Returning and Rewatching

I’m back. I’ve been dealing with some health issues, but I feel ready to return to writing now.

First, as you might recall, my review of the Star Trek reboot film was mixed. After watching it, I also posted my rankings of all eleven Trek films made to date. Because those rankings were based entirely on memory for the earlier films, and it had been quite awhile since I’d seen some of them, I decided to undertake the mission of rewatching all ten pre-reboot films to see if my rankings were still accurate and to see how the reboot film compared after seeing the earlier films again.

This was helped by the original cast and Next Generation films finally being released on Blu-ray, with the high definition video and audio making it easier to judge the technical merits of each film. So far, I’ve rewatched the first seven films, leaving three left to go. Some of the more debatable films, like the first and fifth, I rewatched more than once. After my initial viewings, I went back and viewed some of the films again, this time with the filmmakers’ commentaries on.

Once I’m finished, I’ll post new evaluations of each film, and then finish with new rankings. It’s been a fascinating process so far, and I’ve already formed some surprising conclusions.

4 thoughts on “Returning and Rewatching

  1. I’m a HUGE fanboi of the first motion picture sound track. Not just the main theme that’s been used by TNG IIRC, the whole sound track…

    That’s all. I had to geek out

  2. I really wanted to like the new Star Trek movie…but the cliches in dialogue from the old Star Trek shows really got in the way after the first five minutes.

  3. Maybe it’s that I’ve only seen a handful of Star Wars eps (most of the first season of ToS and a handful of TNG), but I enjoyed the reboot movie. It could be my total adoration of Zachary Quinto, though. I admit the plot didn’t really make much sense.

  4. Boulet: I have to agree with you there. Jerry Goldsmith composed an amazing score for that film. It grabs you right from the pre-credits overture.

    Jen: I think the writers were the weak link for the film. Too bad J.J. Abrams hired the writers of the “Transformers” films instead of members of his “Lost” writing staff.

    Nutmeag: Sounds like we have the same adoration of Zachary Quinto. *grin* I thought the cast, Quinto in particular, was the strongest point of the film.

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