Geek Girls Rule! #103 – Scribblenauts

I almost titled this one “Wil Wheaton is Smoking Crack” but I thought that might be a little over the top.  I follow Wil Wheaton’s twitter, and while he didn’t say Scribblenauts was bad, he said it was a rent-er not a buy-er, or words to that affect.  Which made me sad.  I thought the game looked cute.

Then I went over to a friend’s place, and once his new room-mate found out I had a DS said, “Oh my God! You HAVE to play Scribblenauts!”  Ran and got me his DS, and I spent about two hours playing it.  When The Husband What Rules said it was time to go, I made him wait until I finished just one more level. 

I was trying to be good and wait a while, but we were out this weekend getting him new headphones at Best Buy, and there it was, in all it’s bright, shiny, candy-like glory…

Between that and the fact that the Roomie picked up Rockband the same day:  Good-bye productivity. 

The Geek Husband What Rules went home sick yesterday, and when I got home had beaten most of the first level of Scribblenauts. I had to pry the DS out of his grubby little hands so we could go to our weekly Marvel FASERIP game.

So far, I have found that the majority of puzzles can be solved by the judicious application of sharks, grappling hooks and jetpacks.  Meg from the Brilliant Gameologists is currently trying to see how many of the puzzles she can solve with a puma.  We have so far discovered that you can get a bazooka, plane, boat, chainsaw, gnome, puma, shark, submarine…  There are many, many more things.  I have yet to stump the game while seriously attempting to solve a puzzle so far.  I did discover that dogs do not stay bribed when you feed them meat and sharks eat piranha.   Also, bees suck.  Oh, and the girl in one of the first puzzles where you’re supposed to put the flowers in her basket, and if you move wrong she’ll kick the damn basket over.  Grrr. 

You can “buy” new avatars pretty quickly.  Right now I’m playing as the witch.  She’s cute.   I’ve been having a blast with it, and once I beat it straight I intend to sit down and try to come up with as many truly bizarre things as I can.  I highly recommend Scribblenauts.

2 thoughts on “Geek Girls Rule! #103 – Scribblenauts

  1. Hrm. the DS spam I get from Nintendo was trying to push it on me, but I tend not to take their advice, since they like to push “girl” games on me. (I really want GTA: Chinatown for DS.) Might have to watch for Scribblenauts used or something.

  2. Looks cute. Maybe I should find a way to try it out. As for Wil Wheaton smoking crack . . . He’s on The Guild wearing a kilt and acting as leader of an evil guild!!!!! That’s just awesome in my book. He can do or say whatever else he wants.

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