Xbox 360 or not to Xbox 360.

You know, if I buy one of these after telling my mom I just couldn’t afford to fly back east to see the family, she’s going to lose her shit at me.

Yes, I opted for the little white lie of “I can’t afford it” rather than getting into yet another argument over why I just don’t connect with my extended family.  We have nothing in common but chromosomes and an eerie physical resemblance.  Do you have any idea what it’s like to feel alone surrounded by people who look JUST LIKE YOU?  It sucks is how it feels. 

And when she asked us what we wanted for Yulemas*, I told her either a Dyson vacuum (the pet hair model… oh, I’m such an adult) or an Xbox 360 (ok, not so much of an adult, really).  We’ll see what shows up.  I guess I can wait that long before I decide I MUST HAVE TEH NEW AND SHINY!!!! Besides, I should be getting my DS this weekend, thanks to the Sexiest Boy at Nintendo. 


*Yulemas is a family compromise:  I’m Pagan, they’re at least nominally Christian.  One year my sister asked me what Pagan’s did for Christmas, and I said, “Yule, it’s just like Christmas with out the Christ.”  To which she cocked her head and said, “Yulemas?”
We’ve celebrated Yulemas ever since.

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