Miscellaneous stuff…

1.  I get my DS this weekend.  Yay!!!!!!  Very excited!!!  Many thank yous to the Sexiest Boy at Nintendo.

2. I really like TNA Wrestling.  
A.  I can’t ALWAYS guess where they’re taking a plot-line, or even what’s going to happen minute to minute.
B.  Their Female wrestlers wrestle.
C.  At least one or two of their female wrestlers actually LOOK somewhat impressive.

See, one of my big angsts over WWE is the fact that their women’s wrestling is a complete joke.  It’s a titty show for guys too intimidated by women to even buy Playboy.  I’m serious, guys, when the self-proclaimed “Women’s Erotic Wrestling Federation” has more and better wrestling than you, this is not good.    Seriously, check out some of the WEW matches.  They might have the occasional lingerie match, but those girls take some serious risks and bumps.  And you know why? Because guys who are into watching women wrestle, are into watching women REALLY wrestle.

The bullshit having to do with WWE’s women wrestlers is part of the reason I quit watching them entirely.  Not even for Chris Jericho can I watch that crap.  It’s dismissive, insulting and misogynistic.  Not to mention incredibly misandrist as well.  I mean, as far as they’re concerned, men are too intimidated by women with strength, skill and grace to watch them.  Basically, they think you guys are a bunch of hormone-driven wussies. 

My favorite wrestlers and storylines on TNA include Eric Young, Shark Boy, the Ms. Brooks & Kaz storyline, ODB and the Amazing Kong, and I’m pretty fond of Gayle Kim as well.  Plus Jay Lethal’s Black Machismo (Macho Man Randy Savage) character. 

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