Geek Girls Rule! #29 – Jade Raymond and Why You Can’t Get a Date

Here it is.  Just give me time to go pull on my hip-waders, flak vest, pith helmet and gas mask.  And let the wanking begin!!!!!

Geek Girls Rule! #29

One of the most strident complaints that I hear from Geek Boys the world over is that they can’t get dates, that there aren’t any Geek Girls out there. And I think, if you’ve been paying attention, that we all know that isn’t true.  There are plenty of Geek Girls out there. And many of them, like myself, do indeed have nerd-boy fetishes. Seriously, nothing makes you hotter than being able to discuss comics or gaming intelligently. However, nothing makes you less sexy than assuming I’m in the game/comic store because I’m waiting for a boyfriend, or wouldn’t know anything about gaming. Seriously. 

And that’s kind of what’s happening on sort of an internet-wide scale right now.  

I don’t often talk about videogames, as I’m a dyed in the wool RPG, paper and pen gaming nerd who only plays videogames on occasion. Or rather I play them in spurts, where I’ll play obsessively for a week or two, and then I’m done for a couple of months, particularly since Mr. Geek Girl What Rules took the Xbox out of the bedroom. The mister is far more of a videogamer than I am. So it’s pretty rare that I talk about videogames and even more rare that I can say anything about the folks who make them.

Jade Raymond is a video game producer for Ubisoft and was the lead on their new game Assassin’s Creed, which I must say looks really promising. And, from all the reviews I’ve read of the game so far, apparently it delivers the goods with decent gameplay and beautiful rendering. She’s worked on several other games, all of which have gotten decent reviews. From all reports she’s really damn good at what she does and just happens to be a very attractive woman.  

Ubisoft has been featuring her prominently in the marketing for Assassin’s Creed. Now, apparently it isn’t at all unusual for videogame companies to have production leads for the games grant interviews during the ramp up for release, but because Jade is a “hawt chick” there’s been quite a bit of furor over it. Particularly in the arena of accusing Ms. Raymond of using her body to get a job she doesn’t deserve. Even to the point that some talentless hack has decided it’s okay to draw a cartoon of her as a ditzy bimbo who’s blowing fanboys to get them to buy her game.

This is fucked-up on so many levels. 

Look, I’m sorry the world hasn’t recognized your genius, but keep your fucking sour grapes to yourself, okay, pal?

ETA:  I’ve just read the aforementioned asshead’s response to the whole kerfuffle.  If possible, I think I like him less now than I did before.  What a douchebag.  Misogynistic AND Homophobic (liberal use of the word ‘faggot’).  He’s a winner.  Get in line, girls.

You can’t walk around decrying the lack of Geek Girls and then treat those of us who DO EXIST, many of whom would GLADLY date a Geek Boy, like shit and call that okay. I mean, after watching the the whole kerfuffle, I’m pretty confident in my ability to tell who does and who does not get laid by reading their reactions to this. And Mr. Geek Girl What Rules thinks this is as fucked up as I do*, so it’s not just me. And, as he’s usually the first to tell me I’m over-reacting to something I perceive as misogynist, well… You do the math. 

Really, guys, from all reports, Ms. Raymond is one hell of a talented game designer and producer. She’s got some cred in the industry, and tearing her down because she has boobs just makes you look like an asshole. No, really. And yes, I know some women are joining in the pillorying of Ms. Raymond, but that doesn’t make it any less misogynist or fucked-up. And if I hear you slamming her just because she is “hawt” and “must have slept her way to her position,” I will explain to you exactly how fucked-up it is. Which will undoubtedly then lead to a detailed and graphic dissection of why you can’t get a date. And if you think I’m mean and brutal here, you ain’t seen nothing yet, sunshine.

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*Yes, I’m bracing myself for the stupid. I’m hoping some of you console gamers will prove Mr. Geek Girl What Rules wrong, because he’s pretty sure you’re all just a bunch of fucking clownshoes.

7 thoughts on “Geek Girls Rule! #29 – Jade Raymond and Why You Can’t Get a Date

  1. It’s good that so many people are standing up and making it known that this shit it totally beyond the pale. So often any kind of criticism of the behavior that goes on in gaming communities gets labeled as just ‘oversensitive PC whining’ and brushed aside. But there HAS to be a point where more people start waking up and realizing that it’s actually true.

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