Bracing self for stupid in three, two, one…

It’s not published yet, but I just finished my article on Jade Raymond and that whole kerfuffle.  Yeah…  Mr. Geek Girl What Rules is warning me that console gamers are the lowest life form known to man, and so to brace myself for a bunch of affronted wanna-be jock boy angst. 

I’m hoping that at least a few console gamers will prove him wrong here.

6 thoughts on “Bracing self for stupid in three, two, one…

  1. I play and love console games and don’t consider myself the lowest life form known to man. I appreciate your ideas, but wish you didn’t have to make broad negative generalizations about what is an extraordinarily large demographic.

  2. You’ll note that that wasn’t my observation, it was the warning I received from my husband.

    You’ll also note where I said I hoped console gamers proved him wrong.

  3. He was worried about potential flaming since I waded in to the Jade Raymond thing.

    He tends to be a little too “sword of vengeance” when he thinks I’ve been wronged or might be wronged. Hence some of his replies in other threads. It’s kind of sweet in a weird sort of way. Granted it’s also a little annoying in a weird sort of way, too. But it works for us.

  4. heh. I understand. And I hope my response wasn’t a bit short. I know you weren’t saying those were your beliefs. I may have a bit of a short fuse because every time a controversy arises realted to one of my interests, there are numerous rants about how “this is the problem with people who do X” then there’s usually something about how we all live in our mother’s basement. 🙂

  5. I hear you, as a Gamer and a Sci Fi/Comic fan, I have to put up with loads of, “But YOU’RE not stinky, unattractive, living in your mother’s basement, socially inept…”

    I so totally feel your pain on that one. Trust me.

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