Geek Girls Rule! #23 – My Girl Game

After years of having female friends tell me things like “You know, I like gaming, but I can’t find a group I’m comfortable with” or “I’ve always wanted to game but I’m kind of intimidated by a lot of the gamer guys I know,” I decided to put out a call for an all girl gaming group on my LiveJournal.

I had about fifteen women respond immediately. As a new-ish GM at that time, I was fortunate that scheduling difficulties weeded out all but seven, which was about what I thought I could handle. After some personnel reshuffling we’ve wound up with a really good group. We usually meet at my house about once a month, and we eat better than any other gaming group I’ve ever seen. Granted, you can always tell when we’re all PMS-ing, because the table is cupcakes as far as the eyes can see.

In the Girl Game, we have my friend Jilli (who writes Gothic Charm School), Dominique, Julz (who works for Sandlot Games), Loree, Tammy, Stax, and Kate (who happens to be married to one of the founders of EOS Press). They are one hell of a gaming group. They’re incredibly character driven and, honestly, I’m getting sort of spoiled as a GM. And I’ve learned a few things about them both in and out of character: 

1.  It is really, really easy to get a bunch of Victorian vampire whores into the basement of the British Museum, but incredibly difficult to get them back out again.

2. They are perfectly content to have me describe them wandering around Oz without anything actually happening.

3.  Teenagers From Outer Space is about the funniest god damned game on the planet when played by a cohort of sexually sophisticated Geek Girls.

4.  It may sound like a good idea, but gaming after eating nothing but a few bites of salad and several cupcakes is anything but. On all sides. 

Now, we have allowed guys into the group a couple of times. Once when we were missing some players due to the ludicrously busy schedules we all keep, we allowed my husband and Jilli’s to join in for a one off. We also decided that we could have a male player, if he wore a dress and a tiara. We had a taker. We supplied the dress, tiara and did his make-up. He showed up for one game then wound up moving back to Rhode Island. (The moving and the gaming were completely unrelated, I swear.) Now, I’ve mentioned the possibility of opening it up to another guy, same conditions, and had several guys volunteer. Some have said they’d come naked and covered in BBQ sauce if it meant a good gaming group, others are pretty obviously drawn to the idea of gaming with a bunch of Hawt Geeky Girls of varying degrees of availability. We’re still considering. We may have to request gaming references and resumes. 

Seriously, I am incredibly lucky in this group. They are amazingly inventive, intelligent and just plain fun and they’re all mine. Eat your heart out, Boys.   

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