Not strictly Geek-related, but it’s mine.

 This is my sex advice site.  I’ve spent years being the one everyone goes to for sex advice, friends, family, complete strangers, waiters/waitresses in restaurants.  Part of this is the fact that I will talk to anyone, anywhere about anything.  Another part is that I try not to be judgemental or horrid, as long as what you’re into doesn’t necessitate harming any other human beings or any critters, I’m good with it.  We can talk about what qualifies as “harm” later. 

So, go check it out if you’ve a mind.  Bear in mind, though, that it is a SEX advice site.  People will ask me questions with graphic answers, and I will give them.  As a matter of fact, the letter that’ll be going up tonight or tomorrow is indeed one of those.  And I wibbled about whether or not I should post the entire answer I’d come up with, and decided yes.  Yes, I should.  Because if you’re going to engage in certain sexual activities, you should most definitely have as much information as I can give you. 

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