State of the Geek Girl What Rules

Well, there’s good and bad. 

Good,  the Boy and I are good, and trying to be more fiscally responsible.  For the record, I suck with my own money.  I’m great with other people’s, or if my work involves money, but not so much with mine.  Largely because I refuse to believe that a good credit score makes me a good person if in order to attain it I can’t loan friends money to help them out, give to charity or surprise the ones I love with gifts.   Or blow nearly $1000 in a futile attempt to save one of my critters.  So, yes, I own my fiscal irresponsibility and I’m trying to change that and buckle down.  After all, I would like them to let me finish my Master’s some day and buy a house.

Bad news on the family front.  I won’t go into it here, but there are health issues and trust issues and really unpleasant revelations.  Bleah.

The agent rejected THE NOVEL.  Which is ok, because on reflection I realized that I wanted to make some serious changes and I was kind of afraid that she would take it and I’d have to live with it as it was.  Seriously, when I got the letter, my first response was sadness, followed immediately by, “Whew, now I can change this and this and this and not worry if she’ll still like it.”

Next week is the Girl Game, and we may be accepting a new player.  I need to call her today to make sure she got my email.  I met her at the SnB my mother runs every other week.  She just moved to Seattle and was ecstatic to meet another female gamer.  Unhallowed Metropolis is on the agenda.  In fact I need to send out the pre-game email for it.

And now for something that makes me really, really happy:
I have several of the pens including Glamour, Rockerizo, Sam and the Monster pens.  I also have several of the notebooks, including Okelajale and one they don’t have listed of an obviously aroused “Batman” with a look of horror on his face, fleeing a swarm of lady bats.  Seriously, its fucked up and I LOVE IT.  Everything they make makes me giggle in a way that makes my husband start hiding the knives. 

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