Geek Girls Rule! #817 – MORE YOUTUBE

Ok, I admit it, I have no time to watch/read anything that isn’t before I have to get out of bed or after I’m banished from screens for the night.  

Except for YouTube, and we are watching game shows “Um, Actually” and “Breaking News.”  They’re both pretty entertaining.  They both started with College Humor, and College Humor still produces Breaking News, but Um, Actually appears to have broken loose, or at least has their own YouTube channel. 

“Um, Actually,” is a show where they read false statements about nerd media and you’re supposed to respond with “Um, Actually…” and what’s wrong with what what they said.  It’s pretty entertaining, especially with Brennan Lee Mulligan or Adam Conover, who are really aggressive about being right even when they’re wrong.  

And honestly, we’ve learned a lot of little things about some of the properties we thought we knew well.

Breaking News is a show where the contestants play television newscasters, and they do blind reads of whatever is on the teleprompter, and lose points each time they laugh, smile or break.  Often they will include personal “attacks” on the contestants including embarrassing stories from old friends, and parents.  

They choose gag names, and use a lot of scatological humor. 

Honestly, the best part is watching the face gymnastics some of the “newscasters” go through trying not to crack up.  

Yeah, pretty much this is our distraction from everything that’s going on.  After January 1st I should have some downtime.  

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