Geek Girls Rule! #816 – Got my Copy of Orun

Got it awhile ago and kept meaning to talk about it. 

I have not gotten to play it yet, hopefully after we finish moving.  

I am going to try not to whine about moving this time.  Much. 

Started re-reading the 1632 books by Eric Flint and assorted other authors, love those!  They are on my “comfort reads” list. 

Anyway, we got Orun awhile ago.  Created by Misha Bushyager, Jerry D. Grayson, and Eloy Lasanta, Orun’s tagline describes it as “Post-Apotheosis, Afro-Centric, Space Opera.”  

First, it’s gorgeous! The book is beautiful!  The art is well-done.  The text is clear and unobstructed.  The hardcover edition came with a really nice slipcase, which Misha said was kind of an apology for how long it took to get the game printed and shipped to the US.  

There are eleven species/races/peoples available for character play. Of these people, only three of them look human.  The others include a mix of kind of humanoid people, and not at all humanoid.  

And there are 11 backgrounds for you to choose from, that are all fairly straightforward like Aeronaut, Emissary, Explorer…  

So a lot of the inspiration for Orun came from several different African cultures and mythologies, for example the title, Orun, which is Yoruban. Basically, it uses the mythos of various African cultures the way D&D and other RPGs tend to use the various European mythologies.  

Like I said, I have not had the chance to play it yet, but I’m really looking forward to it.  The system looks fairly straightforward, and easy to parse.  

If you haven’t picked it up yet, please do so, especially if you’d like something different than the usual watered down European mythologies.  I also love that it does this with Sci-Fi rather than straight Fantasy.  

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