Geek Girls Rule! #641 – The last episode of Harley Quinn and New Colored Pencils

Ok, so we finished watching the rest of the Harley Quinn series on DC Unlimited.  While it does have it’s problematic issues (depictions of many villains being Jewish, for one), there was a lot in the series that I did like.  Harley’s liberation from the Joker was fantastic, and the bond of friendship between Harley and Ivy was pretty great.

King Shark remained amazing.

Dr. Psycho was still a creep at the end.

Clayface was a constant delight.

Again, this show is definitely not for kids.  There is a lot of profanity, and a lot of really over the top violence, but overall I did really enjoy it.

Onto the Colored Pencils:  The Pilot Color Eno are erasable, mechanical colored pencils with .7mm colored pencil leads.  The leads are well pigmented and provide some deep and vibrant colors, and provide a near constant sharp point for coloring fine details.  They’re also fairly sturdy for mechanical pencil leads.  The pencils have capped erasers and gel padded grips.

I picked these up on a whim from and I’m glad I did.  The day I got them, I pulled out my Fucking Awesome Coloring Book.  That’s the actual title of it.  I colored one of the first images, with some calligraphic letters with some very thin parts.  The pencils worked great for this.

They’re a fairly soft lead, and shade well, enabling you to to everything from very pale, almost pastel colors, to pretty deep and vibrant colors.

I don’t usually get that excited about colored pencils.  And I’m not a huge fan of mechanical pencils.  I like wooden pencils, even if it means having to always have a hand sharpener on me, because hardly anyone has pencil sharpeners on hand anymore.  However, I like the idea of being able to use more of the lead than you typically can with wooden pencils. I like that the lead stays fairly sharp, and that if you need a super fine point, it’s easy enough to run it along the paper to get that super fine edge.

It’s also pretty great to not have to stop every fifteen minutes to sharpen your pencils, and worry about leads breaking off in the sharpener, or getting that super annoying piece of wood that runs the length of your sharpened lead and screws everything up.

So far I’m really enjoying using them.  I’ll be buying replacement leads for them so I can keep using these.  I highly recommend for all your complicated adult coloring needs.

Now, I’m going to crash out. We went to a grown up cocktail party last night.  I can’t drink, so the Geek Husband What Rules did the drinking for us.  And then today we went over to see if we could fix Dad’s car and clean it up.  He’s giving it to us, and it had been sitting for several months, and had a dead battery and had some mold issues.  So, we got a new battery, and I changed that out, while the GHWR shop-vac-ed the interior before we hosed it down with white vinegar.  Then we let that sit while we took the old battery back for the core deposit, then came back, shop-vac-ed it again, and then sprayed some “ozone air cleaner” in it before shutting it up for the night.

Currently it smells like pickled citrus.

We’ll see how it goes.

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